Tory Lanez Balls out at Store and Drops $35,000 after employee tries to play him like he’s Broke.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Tory Lanez Balling out at Store and Drops $35,000 after employee tries to play him like he’s Broke.
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  • niggas are stupid if we didn't buy from places that discriminate against us we wouldn't have shit it's if they choose to do it in your face or not they still do it and guess what you still buy out the store I'm with Tory on this one bro

  • what if the dude never did anything but that's what he thought you don't know but still buy out the store it's cause he acted on it right?? and where now cause the store of hiring this guy knowing he was like this with no facts people please use your head and get your own opinion not the from it

  • Dumb

  • Lame……

  • (in my Kanye West voice) "And the white man gone get paid after all of that"

  • well Tory just helped that store , that manager and employees might even get a raise . y'all niggas stupid bet all those clothes look terrible

  • never heard of this fool

  • I would of just left the store, and spent my money elsewhere..


  • Bruh when stores do this, I walk out and don't buy SHIT. This nigga I.Q low as shit.

  • why even shop there, pull out your stacks, and let them see you shop somewhere else.

  • I would of returned it right after I paid for it …. Jus as a lesson

  • Nigga ignorant . He is now 35,000 closer to ending up 3roke🤦🏾‍♂️😭fucc nigga

  • "They should've never gave y'all niggas money!" (Chappell voice)

  • Should of did em like Selena.

  • Ummm Tory ya just made yourself look ignorant is hell. Damn Tory ya should have showed him the bands and walk out went another store bought a whole lot of shit, then walk back to the store with all ya bags and bought some socks. lol #thatmakesapersonthink

  • If you eat ass, you eat staph 😭

  • nigga shouldve flexed the money in front of him and walked out instead of buying the shit

  • He is so dummmmmmmmb.
    I am black male who was born and raised in France. Most of those designers do not want even want Black people to buy their stuff but the twist is that Black people will give them so much money and would literally advertise those designer brands for free . smh. They will take the money for sure but still won't respect us.

  • he dumb bc they wouldn't have got shit from me NIGGA rich SMH

  • I would of just flashed the cash in his face.. Lol

  • A jewellery store insulted me once I moved on down the road to next one dropped more then a few racks and walked back past the other one stunting
    That's a real win …

  • i can dig what he did. hes not wrong for that
    the store is always going to make its money.
    and almost everywhere you go you can find a bad person
    so you know what.. give that money it to the next guy at the store, who is a better representation of what the store's customer service actually is..100%

  • sub to me its my birth day

  • That guy just got PAID 10 RACKS ATLEAST I've worked at a similar store

  • they have been established since 1837 , they have been around even when black people were being enslaved and black people continuing to buy from them. such sad times we live in. this is disgraceful.

  • Let me get this right. They didn't want your black ass there, so your dumbass go buy out their store.#DumbBitch

  • kawalled…

  • Niggas are mad embarrassing…I revoke my blackness, I just go by "other" now

  • Fool looking like dmx foreal lmfao

  • now That's a nigga!! hah.haaa haaa

  • Jokes on him, they still got his money.

  • Mo

    i like dudes music but what a fucking idiot. i get looks from people in stores too. i just leave. tf you doing giving them your cash? you know he will probably get comission right? shop somewhere else! tell your fans to shop somewhere else! might look like a dolphin but he aint as smart as one

  • so ashamed this guy is black what an insult to the ancestor

  • doesn't matter how much he spent. all he did was confirm the worker that he was still just a ratchet nigga lol

  • So If Tommy Hillfigure said he don't fuck with black people Tori Lanes is gonna buy his store?

  • Black people have the most ignorant millionaires

  • Tory more extra than my girl

  • J P

    integrity…have some

  • J P

    😒He SHOWED them😶

  • You see it's broke nigga racism
    That's that "Don't touch anything in the store"
    And this rich nigga racism
    That's that "Come in, please buy more
    What you want, a Bentley? Fur coat? A diamond chain?
    All you blacks want all the same things"
    Used to only be niggas now everybody playing
    Spending everything on Alexander Wang
    New Slaves

  • Lanes got his Toronto pass back from Galloway / OVO 👏🏼 Good for you Tory.

  • they caint be acting like coons up in these high end boutiques either.. yes discrimination is common place but how he handled it was wack.

  • spending doesn't change he thinks  your a drug dealer

  • TORY STRAIGHT FLEXIN. Fuck all these broke ass haters who could ever only dream of spending 35k at an apparel store just to prove a point. People cringe when they can't do something so they re-affirm themselves by searching the irrational in others' accomplishments out of envy. Tory straight flexing on you conservative envious fucks. Do something fun, be random for once in your routinely miserable life.

  • Wait wait wait. You spend money at the same place that discriminated against you? Dumb mf! Wtf? Omfg 🤦🏾‍♀️ I was rockin w/ Tory until this

  • Tory an ugly asssss nigga I swear bruh he look crusty and old

  • He silly for doing business with them….