Titans RB Derrick Henry Conference | #TENvsKC



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  1. Where the haters at?

    Offense working like it should be with Mariota being more dynamic as a runner on offense. I've said all alone that's the one thing we needed from him. Now we're rocking and rolling at the perfect time. Derrick Henry is a beast!

    Defense really stepped it up when we needed it and kept us in the game.

  2. I'll just drop this right here for all the Murlarkey haters.

    Mike Murlarkey:
    1st 6 seasons record 37W-53L
    1-0 playoffs

    Bill Belichick:
    1st 6 season record 44W-55L
    1-0 playoffs.

    Keep in mind Murlarkey had ZERO control in building the 2015 team he inherited midseason from Whisenhunt and went 2-7 as an intern coach that year.

  3. Mike Mularkey should win Coach of the Year on the strength that he lead this team to the playoffs and a playoff victory against a tough team on the road. Not the most talented roster – Was definitely an inferior roster to the opponents roster, But coaching made the difference.

  4. I was one of the few people that called this victory. Check the press conference video from earlier in the week.

    Initial impressions: Derrick Henry went off, The Offensive-Line was dominant, and in the 2nd half Mariota wasn't as much of a liability as he's been all year. He, To my surprise, Actually made some nice throws(Didn't think he had it in him, Still not sold on his arm-talent though) – One that comes to mind was the TD to Decker. He also made some good checks and audibles – Again uncharacteristic of what he had showcased so far this year and recent years, The Henry TD run comes to mind(Made a perfect read of the defenses formation). Another thing he did was show tremendous hustle, Those QB runs and that block for the Henry run to ice the game were great. I still believe that this organizations needs to bring in another Quarterback after this season either through draft or free-agency and fire Jon Robinson – I want Robinson gone.

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