Titans Press Conference: Mike Mularkey, Marcus Mariota | #TENvsNE



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  1. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked if we destroyed the Patriots. That being said, There is only so much you can do with a vastly-inferior Quarterback and all-around talent on roster(No true Nose-Tackle, No elite pass-rushers outside of Brian Orakpo/Jurrel Casey, A mediocre Quarterback with elite athleticism that can only really throw out of spread formations, Pedestrian wide-receivers, Slightly above-average defensive-backs-Besides Kevin Byard, etc). So if we lose, So be it. Not really expecting a win but wouldn't be shocked if we destroyed them. I would like to believe that Mike Mularkey has Bill Bellechic's number – But he really doesn't have the talent – Courtesy of the worst general-manager in professional sports, Jon Robinson.

  2. Jon Robinson needs to be fired after this season, He doesn't know how to build a team and I'm not buying what he's selling. We could've had a vastly-superior roster built up in his tenure so-far as GM. Ofcorse, No one, Especially casual-fans, Can see it like I can see it, But just think: Let's say that we didn't want to take Deshaun Watson(By far, Easily the best Quarterback draft-prospect of the last 10 years), We could've taken Jamal Adams or Marshon Lattimore(Defensive Rookie of the Year) both players with rare generational talent/potential at their respective positions, Instead he decided to tremendously over-draft weak-ass Corey Davis in the top 5 – When he isn't a game-changer and we don't have a Quarterback with elite arm-talent to get him the ball. We also could've taken Alvin Kamara(Most likely Offensive Rookie of the Year) and Myles Jack. He also allowed the Jaguars to get Marcel Dareus(one of if not the best 2-gap defender in the NFL, Perfect fit for Lebeau's scheme) for a conditional 5th round pick when we had the draft capital to acquire his talents. He has also failed to get us an elite pass-rusher opposite Brian Orakpo, I know for a fact that we could've acquired Jerry Hughes from the Buffalo Bills. There are other moves he could've made as well, How about Sammy Watkins or Ronald Darby. Another move he has missed on is getting Muhamnad Wilkerson.

  3. Be AWARE of defensive pressure in the pocket. Stay Alert for big explosive plays down field. Be Aggressive with the run, it will eat the clock, open up the passing game & extend the play. Be Relentless in pursuit for the points in the 1st half. Field Goals wins games, grab as much points as you can. Big deficit against New England will present a challenge, they're very patient team.

  4. Make sure you're always aware where your guys will be. If not, let your teammates know & signal where you want them to be on the field when the play breaks down. Space will be congested, but take what the opposition gives you, they'll try to fool you with dummy coverages.

  5. Foxborough is a special place during playoff season. Gillette Stadium is the mecca for championship football the last two decades, give much respect when you're up there.

  6. @tennesseetitans can you all start turning up the audio for your videos. The volume is so low compared to others on YouTube. Love all the videos though

  7. When you're in that tunnel, before heading up the field in Foxborough, GIVE THANKS to all the people who helped & supported you along the way. Chase your dreams & Strive for Greatness. Good Luck in New England.

  8. Oh yeah, I forgot. It might rain on Saturday, try to keep the ball clean & dry during the game. Even with big hands, Ball gets slippery when wet. PROTECT THE FOOTBALL, low turnovers & good field position will be the key to the game.

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