Titans Postgame Press Conference | #TENvsNE



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  1. Why do people think that Josh McDaniels would make a good Head-Coach? His HC record is 11-17, He is trash, Nothing but a carbon-copy of Ken Whisenhunt, Gus Bradley, Jim Schwartz, and Adam Gase. Great coordinators who lack the character, culture, vision, leadership, and generalship to generate wins consistently as a head man.

  2. This team has already been set back an entire year because of Jon Robinson's incompetence. This upcoming draft class is not nearly as good as last years draft class. Will need to be aggressive in free-agency and with trading for key players.

  3. I think this teams needs a new General-Manager. Jon Robinson has been a massive liability and he doesn't know how to build a football team. Jerry Reese would be a humongous upgrade.

  4. I also wanted us to get Mike Pettine as the Defensive-Coordinator but the Green Bay Packers wisely took him off of the market. Good for them. Clearly, The Packers have great vision. Mike Pettine runs the same scheme as Doug Marrone.

    We still could stand to add Pepper Johnson as the DL coach and Kevin Greene as the LB coach.

  5. I want Jason Michael fired, Terry Robisike demoted to WR coach, and I want Jim Caldwell as the Quarterbacks-Coach/Offensive-Coordinator next year. Caldwell was Peyton Manning's QB coach and Manning had his best years under him.

  6. I won 120K on the Eagles/Falcons game and lost 20K on this game. Yes, I actually bet on this team to win. I was prepared to lose it because I was betting on the underdog, But for this game to have been officiated as poorly as it was is unacceptable, The referees were extremely biased(most likely paid off) and it was was clearly rigged, I didn't make it past halfway into the 2nd Quarter. Didn't even care to watch the 2nd half. That being said, I'm +$100,000 for the day, Life goes on, But those officials definitely need to be thoroughly investigated. IMO, The Patriots should be disqualified.

  7. Tom Brady shredded the Titans Defense. The secondary & the middle linebacker needs an upgrade. Titans don't have an athletic LB to fallback & cover TE like Gronk. Byard got exposed, I guess Brady wanted to poke a fun at the safety

  8. The young Titans making the playoffs, beating KC on the road, & getting blownout by New England might be deflating end to the season. The loss hurts, but Tennessee should be excited & proud by the progress this team has made in 3 years.

  9. Marcus really peaked with this offense. They need an upgrade at OC as well. The playcalling & game management against New England was just awful. If they play like this against elite competition or their division opponents like Houston, Indy, & the Jags they'll get steam rolled.

  10. Those 2 early turnovers against Tennessee were capitalized by New England shifted the momentum of the game, after Titans' early strike. That catch by Corey Davis was AWESOME. Imagine if he had been healthy early in the season. Mariota to Davis, ALL DAY

  11. I hope Demarco (KNEE), Delanie (WRIST), & Conklin (KNEE) can comeback refreshed next year. Marcus get some rest, you played GREAT this season, you really worked hard protecting the football against New England. Don't be too hard on yourself. Football is a team game. Everyone needs to execute at a high level.

  12. If Marcus wants to become elite. You got to learn how to read defenses. Learn how to exploit defensive scheme, & create matchup problems. Changing playcalls on the line. When to use no-huddle uptempo. Because the great ones put in the work.

  13. Patriots are cheaters that’s the entire reason they are where they are except for the Seahawks and Falcons Super Bowls – paid officiating for sure I thought the Cowboys were Bad but heck the Patriots have surpassed them lol

  14. Football as in life is always a learning process. You're only going to get better & smarter by surrounding yourself with people who know more than you do & then putting the work in. Tom Brady works on his throwing mechanics off-season, he's 40 years old & his arm strength hasn't declined.

  15. Don't get me wrong. I'm very proud of this team and what they accomplished this season. But this man is not the right coach for Marcus Mariota. He is slowly ruining his career and destroying his confidence. He is not the right fit for mariota. Get rid of him and find someone with a more creative concept/scheme

  16. Good season titans y'all my favorite team no matter what win or lose I will always be a big fan of y'all I know next year we will be good I have faith in yall I love y'all so much titans up

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