Tinashe Claims the Black Community hasn’t really accepted her because she’s mixed.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Tinashe Claiming the Black Community hasn’t really accepted her because she’s mixed and highlights her Industry struggles.
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  • being part black ain't got nothing to do with why your music isn't shooting through the ceiling it's the simple fact that your music ain't that good Drake is black and white Nicki Minaj's mix Beyonce is mixed Mariah Carey is mixed all these other celebrities who have black and white have very good music that's why people rock with them

  • Logic need to spit some bi-racial boy bars with this.

  • "Jergans on deck" lol that made my day

  • she has no choice but be a black woman, she couldnt claim to be white even if she want to. hate when mixed ppl say that bullshit

  • She needs a sex tape and then do a song with Migos.

  • Does Drake also bring out the simp in Akademiks?

  • umma come clean……i don't even know what songs she got out

  • tinashe needs to pick a side😂

  • Or maybe you just suck????

  • Tinashe bae, wonder what her daddy's cum tastes like.. hmm

  • I didnt know she was mixed and still thinks she doesn't stand out. Shes attractive, got a ok to good sound but…meh.

  • nigga tell me where you found that thumbnail, as a dog im curious…woof woof!

  • she a goddamn cock tease ;(

  • I wonder if DJ Akademiks was beating his meat with all these GIFs

  • Tinashe is not in the RnB genre! This chick is straight Pop. She is a halfbreed, she need to own that shit and go start acting. Get a real stylist! And then reinvent yourself! You a light skinned chick, you don't have any issues with the black community because they worship women like you. You sound bland, your style is bland, your complexion is vanilla, stop it already or just retire.

  • Never heard of this basic looking bitch.

  • lol i knew akademiks was a fan of spice girls…

  • she just bland, she needs to switch up her game, get creative, find influences she can go with.

  • She the female version of logic

  • Jergens on Deck 😂😂😂😂😂

  • My nigga Tee grizzley still tryna see if she a squirter tho

  • shes bad I never herd her music but she look bad got respect that

  • Never even heard of her

  • Sorry I don't even no who this chick is.

  • It's that whole , o I know I'm so cute every guy wants me attitude, done with that she needs a bubblegum hit to do anything like Megan trairor she was as big as a house but she comes off approach able not like this bitch

  • you just lame ass nigga akademics if thats what a simp is then aite…

  • She should retire and just become a pro thot they winning out here

  • tinashe titties so big

  • Tanashe sounding like Logic out here lmao. Logic is my fav. rapper but, it's still funny haha

  • if tinashe really wants money n fame, what she gotta do is quit the music, start making porn dvd's, AND I PROMISE YOU, if tinashe decides not to put her porn on redtube or some shit like that, and just sell dvd's, those things will be selling like sliced bread. i know id pay to see tinashe in doggy style position talking about "I'm gonna cum"

  • fuk dat its not about race its about talent.

  • Isnt she the one that yelled at her fans to stop following her on Snapchat if they didnt buy her Album? Lol it seems like she has a complaint for everything. So, light skinned people are held back in RnB? tell that to Beyonce 😉

  • She a fine stupid hoe

  • Bitch, you just called us THEY. Case closed.

  • How can you tell her about her experiences? HAHA! Y'all weirdoes are dumb.

  • Basically she underrated

  • Tinashe she cute asf

  • This nigga Akademiks sound creepy as hell. LOL.

  • she need to get on a song with Cole and Kendrick

  • I'll fuck that ass in my black community!

  • you cussing hella Hard on this video fam ,mom must of been at the store huh

  • this nigga got choose 1 Drake, Tinashe or Nediska

  • one of the only singers id never pull out

  • This ho is always complaining about something swear

  • Honestly, being half black & half white myself, there really IS a disconnect from both cultures. it's like being a step child on both sides of the family = you kinda fit in, but neither group feels like home. Please believe me when I say being mixed feels like being in the smallest minority. & ppl think "oh being light skinned is IN, they're good". Ok, a few thots wanna fuck, so what? Imagine being discriminated by both groups that you're supposed to embrace & look to for support. It's more difficult to build a brand, being part of THE NEWEST & SMALLEST race whilst living in a country that is triggered (& has preference) based on color, visual similarities, & relatability to one's self. I'm not saying my struggle is more difficult than any other race. but there really IS a separation that comes with being mixed & it doesn't always feel good. This came from the heart, I'm not complaining, I jus wanna help ppl understand or find peace because they relate. follow me on twitter @EsOhDee

  • 😂 bruh tf is she talking about mixed people doing the best when it comes to the entertainment biz
    Vic Mensa
    J Cole
    The rock