TIME Names The #MeToo Silence Breakers Their ‘Person of the Year’

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  1. come on why do we keep falling for this BET bullshit. It's s been years since Robert L. Johnson was the owner of BET (BLACK OWNED) BET IS owned by Viacom which is (JEWISH OWNED) & the person who owns viacom is "Sumner Redstone"

  2. WAKE UP!!! Yahawah's Judgement Has Arrived. To all Israelites that do not know that you are Israelites. We are NOT blacks, latinos or native americans. We are the Israelites. The scriptures say, there is going to be a massive slaughter of the Israelites scattered throughout the world. 2/3rd's will die (dumb ass niggas) and 1/3rd will be saved (righteous Israelites). It's called Jacob's Trouble or The Great Tribulation (storms, earthquakes, meteor showers, economic collapse, race war, martial law, FEMA concentration camps (empty Walmart's), famine, the RFID microchip [mark of the beast] DO NOT accept it, and nuclear warfare). Only those Israelites that obey the laws of our Father Yahawah (His name is not God) and pray to Him in the name of our big brother, Lord and King Yahawashi (His name is not Jesus and He is not white) will be protected. Learn who you are, repent and obey All the commandments. Look up Israelites on YouTube. Time is running out. And you can't say, no one warned you. Yes, of course, I know. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. RIGHT?
    Check it out.

  3. stfu yee…. why would u even mention that.. its not fuckin true at all jjust now she wants to say something? pleasee all a bunch of attention seekeing agenda havin morons…. and u 3 should be ashamed on how much u corny half false information u use agains trump. hes a good man doing aamzing things for ameircaa admit it!!

  4. Why didn't any of these females go to the police? You going to let a man feel all over you and don't even file a police report?? At least slap the shyt out of him or something?? All those tramps on that time cover are really doing a disservice to the millions of women, young men, and CHILDREN that are being sexually assaulted everyday!

  5. Boy, they're really out here trying to make taylor "whiter than white" swift out to be some sort of Superwoman, huh? She gets on the cover as a "silence breaker"?? As if Anita Hill never existed!!
    I guess Aretha Franklin was just talking to be talking when she sang Respect, huh?
    In 20 years, books will say that it was taylor swift who refused to go to the back of the bus.

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