Timberwolves Won NBA Draft At Bulls’ Expense | The Jump | ESPN

Rachel Nichols opens The Jump and says the Minnesota Timberwolves won the 2017 NBA Draft at the expense of the Chicago Bulls.

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  • 2:12 Wow! you gonna let that slide Bulls fans? Wow!

  • and here we watch the wolf pack devour the defenseless injured bull…

  • Rachel always sounds like she's reading a book too a 3rd grade class my goodness 😂😂

  • well am a bear fan and at least this stupid move in Chicago takes the talk off of us

  • this woman can get it

  • Wolves aren't gonna retire KG's #21?

  • 2018-2019 Chicago Bulls NBA Champs, Gsw vs bulls,Bulls in 4 cause we are gonna be great!!

  • That's KG's number tho

  • P H

    fuck the bulls sign a white boy for their personal preference

  • Young grasshoppers, listen. Wade opted in a week ago for a huge salary in a year that Chicago is pressured to tank, therefore they might buy out most his contract. That would allow him to sign elsewhere for cheap like ….. Quickie Loans Arena.

  • hey Jimmy, don't wear number 21. it's only for KG. .

  • Jimmy Butler isn't going to be #21 he'll be number #23

  • Rebuilding process for the bulls they say? Nah this is demolition job lol , bulls fan here front office sucks

  • I'm a Bucks fan, but I think the bulls got a pretty good haul. I wouldn't have given up a pick and Jimmy, but they got three young and talented players. If they waited Jimmy's value would've lowered because his contract would've gotten shorter and they would've ended up getting a horrible deal like the kings did for Cousins.

  • D- wade is collecting a check the last 3,4 years he is not the same player.

  • D- wade is collecting a check the last 3,4 years he is not the same player.

  • Dis lady fucking retarded "Against trading butler" NIGGA FUCK WAS BUTLER GON DO TO WIN THEM SHIT THEY WASNT GON WIN SHIT WIT LEBRON AND THA WARRIORS PLAYIN, smh stupid ass white ppl💀dumbass bih

  • It's finally an ok time to be a wolves fan I member when I use to get made fun of for being such a die hard wolves fan and I LIVE IN MN


  • P S

    Why is everyone jumping on Butler's dick. The guy is not even a real star.

  • Man letting go of thibs has to be the dumbest decision we ever made. He's gonna make sure to finesse us fr the rest of his life. If he wins a ring before us I might cry.

  • This trade was as terrible as trading Chris Broussard for Rachel Nichols and her fucking shit smug monologues that nobody enjoys.

  • Chicago teams in general are just taking heat in their drafts man😂

  • D-wade Get the fuck out of there man.

  • i love Rachel Nichols humor while still getting a serious message through her reports, I'll probably be tuning in more often

  • this trade was bull

  • I don't get it? This was a great trade for the bulls why would they keep him? To go and barley make the playoffs? Even if they were going to build around him it would at least 2 to 3 years and by that time jimmy is going to be at the tail end of his prime and it's not like there going to beat the cavs,76ers,bucks raptors, heat or even the kings. This was a good trade they got 2 young stars in lauri and Lavine and if anyone is saying otherwise is a idiot because first of all lauri is just the type of player that you want on your team especially in today's game he shoots ball like a superstar can also score on the post and can guard 1-5 the only problem for him is rebounding that's it and as for lavine he's shown so much potential the player past couple years, he went from 11 points in his first year to close to 19 points per game this season and yea he did have his injury but he is a workaholic he trains like a all star player and can shoot the rock with ease. As for Dunn he might not be good on the offensive end but he is superb on the defensive end and is unselfish with the ball. The crazy thing is that none of these players are above the age of 22 which is great, gives them to build up there skills and become all stars and they are for sure going to be all stars mark my words they will be all stars

  • Butler ain't all that Wolves are barely gonna make it into the playoffs and just to be swept by the warriors

  • That's what I've been saying, great analysis! What is the point of getting other players or draft picks if you're losing your star player? As Rachel says, the best the Bulls can hope for is that one of these players to become anything close to Jimmy Butler. If you already have a star, you need to build around him.

  • How can he wear 21!? Minnesota , please retire KG's number..

  • Chicago lost their trips to the playoffs when they traded D Rose

  • Going to have to change his number soon

  • The Bulls front office is in utter shambles.

  • pls check out the Jimmy Butler mix on my channel!!

  • 'Ricky Ricky Rubio'

  • Last time Wolves made it to the postseason, Gary Payton and Karl Malone were on the Lakers. It's been way too long man we need to get back there and make some noise.

  • Rachel Nichols is gorgeous…. but she is quite annoying

  • Confused word around the league is he isn't a good teammate so let's add him to young core lol

  • look how she laughs at bulls fans.. you know who cares more then fans no one owner dont he gets people coming thru the door and spend…

  • You know what annoys me about this host. Whenever she speaks, it doesn't sound like she's just talking to us. She sounds like she's telling a story. She sounds like a narrator in a documentary. Its like how when Jimmy Fallon talks on his show, you can easily tell that he is reading off a card more than any other late-night host.

  • Man fuck that bitch

  • As a Wolves fan, I think Zach is gonna be something special in a few years; that's if he can recover from his ACL (which I expect he will).

  • Hating all these fake ass photoshops of Butler in T-Wolves No.21….