Timberwolves Trade Ricky Rubio To Jazz | SC6 | June 30, 2017

SC6 discusses the Timberwolves trading Ricky Rubio to the Jazz and what this means for Minnesota, Utah, and the Boston Celtics chances of landing Gordon Hayward in NBA free agency.

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  • I think this might be a big mistake. Ricky Rubio was looking very good in the last few months of the season and has shown good chemistry with Wiggins and Anthony-Towns. Plus, stability is far more important than many people think (ask San Antonio). Getting Jeff Teague is nice, but is he really an upgrade over Rubio?

  • RoMANa shelbon is a tranny….

  • Is that one lesbian?

  • Yo I'm not listening to none of these analyst anymore. All of their predictions and rumors have been so wrong.

  • Damn, Rubio is underrated. On a really good contract too.

  • Bruh. . throw Kyle Lowry on there. . shit would be crazy (if they show up in the 8th seed)

  • Goodbye wolves hello jazz ….vamos rubio¡¡¡¡

  • No easy games in the west

  • next stockton who is next malone?

  • Ramona shelburne had a stroke live on tv

  • rubio will have a career year playing for a team like utah with their style of play and his pass first style calling it now

  • As a Hornets fan, seeing Hayward's ascension makes me sad considering he signed with the Hornets a couple of years back.

  • A first round pick for Rubio is almost as much as a steal as the Bulls trade, he's a great passer but that's it, the man does not get buckets I can't believe nobody is talking about what a steal this is, he's worth a third round pick at best🤣

  • I know Rubio SICK! He was like "Imma average 13 assis..😦 wait what?"

  • If Utah doesnt bring back Hayward Twolves get another lotto pick😴

  • Rubio is the Jason Williams of this era. AMAZING playmaker, but severely underrated.

  • Twolves trust me you should have kept Rubio. Teague is vastly overrated

  • ESPN needs to give Brian Fathorst a contract incentive to lose 50 lbs

  • kris dunn and rubio traded in a guard dominant league timbervolves u better get someone good at PG

  • Brian windhorst how fat of a man do you intend on becoming

  • If Kyle Lowry goes to the Wolves, then the Wolves will meet the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals and lose in 5 (6 if Warriors lose Iguodala). HUGE stepping stone for Wolves, one player away from a championship. Book it!

  • Jeff Teague gon b a good fit

  • Get Eric Bledsoe

  • Ramona Shelbourne look like the shark from finding Nemo wearing a wig.

  • What'd they get though?

  • Y want they just start tyus jones dude hella gud & they can save money

  • finally shit, this fool rubio is nothing but trash holding the wolves back with all this talent they got

  • Ya like jazz?

  • Why this bitch look like Kisame

  • Finally

  • Ramona is a hideous beast

  • RAMONA SHELBOURNE is either 'coked-up' on 'speed' or just straight 'trippin'' — funny how she is One of the Top NBA Trade News Breakers that's not known as — Brian Williams #IWasThere

  • Folks, Gordon Hayward is gone….and his game will plunge, too, like others who left the team. NBA Alert: Ricky Rubio assist prowess will cause Rudy Gobert to average 26 points a game & the player, Joel Bolomboy, to explode onto the team's scene, mark my words. This will make up for GH loss. Gobert can be assisted almost each time down the floor before the offense sets up, so if Rubio looks to him first then Gobert leads the team in scoring & rebounding. Bolomboy is in his second year & showed great promise in the D-league. He's a rebounding monster at 6'9" and looks for an assist around the rim. Rubio will be in a position to go to either player at anytime when they are in the paint or key area. Bolomboy has developed his outside shooting, too, and helps to spread the floor. Go Jazz….and go Rubio, Gobert & bolomboy!

  • we live in Winnipeg so we often go down to Minnesota to watch the timberwolves during the regular season, being Canadian that unfortunately also mean we watch a lot of raptors games. in fact I actually like rubio, the only problem i had with him is his outside shot, just complete trash, he could never hit the open jumpers. In that regard, Rhondo is not better and he's toxic. we witnessed first handed how Lowry time and time again being a big time playoff choker so he is no good either. I have a feeling D rose is coming for the bulls reunion.

  • None of that shit means a damn thing if Rubio is always hurt so is Lowry you have to be able to play to be effective and contrary to your beliefs you have to be able to score being a pg. Rubio is out teagues is in and we will be better for it.