Thug Life: 1,000 Years From Now 2Pac will be Depicted as White, Like Jesus

Thug Life members Mopreme, Big Syke, and Macadoshis spoke to VladTV about the the lasting effect of 2Pac and the effect Pac would have had on politics if he was still alive. “Obama wouldn’t have gotten elected if it weren’t for 2Pac,” Big Syke said, “People better stop thinking that it didn’t happen because of that. Not just Pac but hip hop period. If it wasn’t for hip hop, there wouldn’t be no Obama.” The three continued to discuss the media’s role in playing up the east coast/west coast beef, the 2Pac movie, and Pac’s “One Nation” project. Watch above.


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  • So much trouble in the world nigga

  • these guys are fuckin retarded

  • Thug Life were better than the Outlawz.

  • 1000 years from now il be rotting underground somewhere

  • This is the most ignorant title I've seen on youtube

  • the Earth is only 12,000 years old do not believe the propaganda that the government tells you one day to God is a thousand years so if he made the Earth in 7 days that 7000 years plus the two thousand years that Christ walk the Earth BC into now which is another two thousand years A.D.

  • If you believe this you are actually stupid

  • 1000 years from now humans will probably be dead

  • lol @ Eminem's Picture as Tupac

  • Valds a jew, he dont even believe in Jesus. Not that race matters to Jesus, but he was basically Arab in appearance. Thats a biblical, historical and scientific fact.

  • vlad is getting oaid of this 2paC wave

  • It's not thug life without tupac makes me sad

  • niggers are so stupid lol

  • The dumbest thing anyone could say. lol. There is literally video evidence of 2 pac himself……..How can people be so dumb? lol And Jesus wasn't black/dark skin. He was white, are you gonna ignore eye witness testimonies? History books 2000 years old that recorded that?

  • Fab

    I don't believe Pac will be white in 1000yrs

  • How many times are you gonna talk about Tupac. Seriously who themfuck gives a shit anymore.

  • Apart from the fact there is photo's, video's and murals of Pac

  • If humans were here 1000 years ago I'm pretty sure there gonna still be here 1000 from now

  • They're all wearing bootcuts loool 😂 thats how u know these niggaz are old skool OGs‼️💯

  • Mopreme seems VERY SUSPECT around the 6:06 mark figgting and shit! smh -E.J. MILLER

  • RIP Big Syke !!

  • This shit old…. Big Syke died back in dec 2016

  • No cause we will have pics & videos of dude unlike jesus