This Ad for Plus-Size Tights Has the Hosts Riled Up

Discount clothier Wish stretches the patience of Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adrienne Houghton’s with what some are calling an offensive ad for plus-size tights.

Is the ad in poor taste? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Watch curvy model Ashley Graham’s take on Victoria Secret here:



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  1. As a marketing specialist, I can tell you that the company knew well what they were doing! These are strategies to attract attention toward a brand! People will forget about this incident in a few days but they will remember the company name. It's good for a business boost.

  2. Loni why does the person have to be described as an elephant, if they are actually able to wear those tight, You see, there is a problem and the problem start with us.

  3. I always seem to have a different opinion to everyone else.

    As a plus size girl seeing those tights on those models, I think to myself oh cool, these tights would actually fit me and my big ass coz there are tights out there that dont fully hug your whole behind. Those tights look like they'll cover your mid section as well.

    But thats just me lol😁

  4. OMG people are still saying these were made for plus size women, they are advertising that they wont rip as much as you try to stretch them! The picture is dumb and hilarious but not for plus size.

  5. As much as I love this show I feel like they need Tamar . I know she was annoying but she was the icing on top . She made the show interesting . I keep reminiscing on the old episodes where she was there and I feel like the show will never be the same 😭😭😩💔

  6. Wish isn't a real, typical retail store. It's basically AliExpress/Alibaba. China's international, direct to consumer industry…quasi governmental. That's why they've got some weird pics and product descriptions going on. It's not like a boardroom of marketing executives being like "this is how we're gonna sell plus sized clothing." I don't really know how those "companies" make decisions. No one does. It's totally different than any retail/business situation you'd find in the western world.

  7. Wish is just a site… it's not a store… Wish is a third party seller that sell other stores products for cheaper prices and shipping… those models are from an actual store… if you look in the description it'll say what store it's from….

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