Things Get Heated Between Migos, Joe Budden, and DJ Akademiks at the BET Awards | Everyday Struggle

Things got heated between Migos, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis during an upcoming episode of #EverydayStruggle, which was filmed live from the BET Awards red carpet.

The full episode drops tomorrow morning.

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  • doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee

  • Bybybtitybypity bad n boujee

  • my senior quote: "doesitlooklikeIwasleftoffbadandboujee

  • -I have not been excluded nor proihibited the priviliage of being in the soundtrack made by migos "bad and boujee". Do you determine or concieve that i have been prevented from being in the soundtrack bad and boujee?

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  • How budden a whole pussy ass botch

  • Bitch

  • Offset's face at 0:50 😂😂😂

  • quavo looked legit shocked haha. he popped right up after.

  • Why Joe Budden always starting shit smh

  • fuckin no respect from the interviewers

  • God damnit I love that Budden walked out on these talentless, mumbling clowns.

  • who are those gays? and what language is that? Swahili?

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  • Hoopity Zip boopity zip zop bop

  • 0:39 that guy in the white shirt in the middle lmao

  • They stood up fast as hell one by one

  • Gwinnett County Migos

  • Lol joe salty and jelous asf

  • budden a bitch

  • Their dressed like earth wind and fire

  • I literally thought that TakeOff said "do I really look like a blueberry bush"😂😂

  • Joe Budden aint gonna last too long acting like a bitch ass nigga. Hes lucky he didnt get is ass beat.