The Xbox One X – Should You Upgrade? Will it Destroy PS4 Pro? Worth $500?

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Is The Xbox One X worth upgrading? Is Xbox One X Worth $499/$500 How does Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro compare. Should you Upgrade?

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  • Everything in this video is 100% TRUTH

  • at least you won't be calling it the XBone anymore, now it's the X.B.O.X

  • funny thing is, I held off upgrading to a pro until after Xbox one x reveal… I was hoping for Microsoft to blow me away at e3, that Shit bored me to death, so I went out and got my pro.

  • In my opinion, I believe that both the Playstation and Xbox are good consoles overall. However, due to the fact that I have grown up with the Xbox, specifically the Xbox 360, I personally prefer Xbox. In addition, in terms of gaming I game purely for the soul purpose of having fun. While gaming I am easily satisfied with just a nice game and average graphics. Although, Sony has more exclusives that are actually "good", I honestly could not care any less. The true, honest reason as to why I prefer the Xbox over Playstation is due to the Xbox's OS, originality, and pure simplicity. For the sake of not being threatened and/or harassed, I feel as if this next statement is mandatory: I AM NOT AN XBOX FAN-BOY NOR DO I BELIEVE THAT EITHER CONSOLE IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER.

  • U got choices.. and thats a good thing

  • i would rather good games than good graphics tbh i still have a lot of fun playing my old PS1&2 games graphics only make the game look pretty there are some really good looking games that are terrible to play and some games that don't look as good as those bad games that are absolutely fantastic and a lot of fun to play

  • $500+$60+$60+$60, if you decide to hang on to it for 3 years.

  • why not it will obviously end ps4 pro

  • Sure, yall bought a console that barely ever had games specifically developed for it and late into it's life, I thought they knew they were losing the race and figured they would start developing games for the One X to make up for that mistake. The One X comes around and guess what? Again, no new exclusive IP's. I'm pissed for you guys because you got fucked no matter in what crazy way you can justify the One's purchase, you got fucked the moment we found out they hadn't even been working on any new Xbox exclusive IP's for the One X. Now we officially found out that the One's short library wasn't even for the only partially justifiable reason.

  • Who is the girl in da thumbnail look like a ariana grande knockoff

  • I'm upgrading from an Xbox 360, and am excited as hell to get a 4K console for my 4KTV!!! But, I'm waiting for the price to come down a little bit first like most people I know are.

  • A PC do a LOT of more things than a console and you are not constrained by a company of what you can do with it, BUT for people who just want to play some games is a good price.

  • The Xbox One X is worth 500 as much as the Ps4 Pro is worth 400… If the PS4 Pro had an Ultra Blu-Ray player built into it, which it does not. So…

  • What about backwards compatibility, better graphics for older unpatched games, UHD Bluray drive, and HDMI 2.2 compliance??? For me that's more than just 100 dollars worth.

  • Wow… Take crap, give him a green frog accent, you got RD.

  • Ps4 just has better games right now. I owned an Xbox but the exclusives just aren't there. Look at days gone and God of war…

  • if you guys know how much tax we had to pay here for everything in Canada he would cry

  • I agree with Red Dragon for now. I will re-evaluate the video after launch of Xbox One X ( I mean to buy it day one ). Since now more and more developers can choose how to deal with the game and where to push. If developers start to push 60FPS I would be happy even more.

  • yes if you want high end 4k player for your 4k tv and high end gaming system which can take full advantage of what your 4k tv can do. only other people want it if they want sync gaming data of pc version there playing of that game with xbox system version of that game. LIKE FIFA 18 MADDEN 18 and so on. so you no longer be on one level on console and another level on pc. note games labeled Xbox one x enhanced. that means game was made to take full advatages of improvements xbox has made.

  • One thing disappointed me when comes to game makers. No matter what store site I go to cover art don't have logo like. Telling you game able do 4k hdr Xbox anywhere or if game is Xbox one x enhanced game. Yet cover art for same games on Xbox site does for current games and games coming soon I wonder why?

  • I have the ps4 pro and 4.2 teraflops vs 6 is not that big of a difference. Much respect to the Xbox one x but I'm loving my ps4 pro.

  • a powerful console indeed. but where are the games? lol.. 4k resu with 4k tv and play minecraft hahaha.. buying this shit is not worth it.

  • It's not just about pixels One X games can have better textures, effects, draw distances, etc. these are improvement that will be noticeable on any screen. Granted I do agree we may need to see how the developers approach the console.

  • Absolutely spot on. I like the look and idea of Xbox One X (can we just call it the X?).

    But the price just puts it outside my "I'll have that" cost point. I'll keep my original Xbox One & PS4 Pro and still enjoy Forza 7 and GTSport.

  • Save up 300$

    Sell your original Xbox one for 200$.

    Done you have Enough to buy it

  • Please read full comment or you my misunderstand what I am saying read carefully you get what I am saying.

  • You talk the true bro like your channel 👍🏼

  • i got the ps4pro fpr 240,00, no way the x is worth more then double

  • Just a question regarding purchasing an Xbox. I have a ps4 which has begun to have issues when starting up and playing games and so I'm looking to pick up a new console. I'm going to repair the PS4 but still. As I'm in the UK the Xbox One S is £269 with Forza Horizon 3 and another game included which is an amazing deal. However, due to the Xbox One X's launch, I'm unsure as to whether to wait for the X or go out today and buy an S. I love racing games and cannot wait to own Horizon 2,3 and the upcoming games. The only thing holding me back from buying the S is the VR experience that is due to release with the X as playing Forza 7 in VR would be insane and I'm unsure as to whether that is available on the S and if I would regret it for future games. Would love your opinion @The Red Dragon and anyone else willing to help!

  • Ps4 pro is the best
    Xbox one x is the shit

  • I'm on the fence. I'll wait to see how developers handle the XB1X ports before coming to a decision. I already have the OG XB1 and a decent PC, so I can afford the wait. That said, unless I see developers adding graphics settings to boost frame rate similar to PC's, I think I'm gonna pass on this console. I just don't see the point in upgrading a console if I'm not going to get 60fps.

  • This is some of the most mundane and one sided trash I've ever seen. You are a complete idiot

  • Great another Xbox fanboy Chanel

  • I don't care about 4k and I will exchange my one S for a one X without changing my full hd tv
    You cannot make a 500 usd pc run 4K games or fake 4K at 60 fps
    What will hapend in the long run? that the X will last more than S

  • Obviously the answer is no. You don't pay $500 for a mid console refresh. At the end of the day it's still in the Xbox None family with no games. The ps4 Pro was a hundred dollars less and that was a year ago. Guaranteed ps4 Pro goes $350 and Xbox dies.

  • Its sad cause more games on ps4 plus ps5 is not far behind witch gonna blow xbox x outa water u just wait sony aint done

  • why are we not talking abt ps5 and da next xbox instead of old updated console

  • do you want to play games in 4k and have smooth frames then yes upgrade or go spend thousands of dollars for a pc

  • I noticed that more games starting show up on Xbox site where on game cover art Xbox one x enhanced logo on it. Meaning this game was made work best on that Xbox one system from sound of it. I asked what makes these games special they say game 4k with HDR10 and game also does up to 60fps. However list of these Xbox one x enhanced games is small so far only seen games from EA and Ubisoft and maybe one or two others Xbox support say as time will pass list will grow.

  • Pc version my not be 60fps Xbox anywhere just means that gaming data will be synced but game specs could be different on different platform version of same game. Note Xbox says any game on our site with Xbox one x enhanced logo means on console if you setup system correctly and tv can do 4k and 60fps that exactly what you get when using Xbox one x. To see which new games will be Xbox one x enhanced game or be Xbox anywhere game check Xbox website.

  • hold off to buy Xbox one X because it😯😯😯😯😯 costs $500 and you build a gaming PC at this cost in which you play thousands of game which you won't get on Xbox one 😈😈😈😈😈😈

    Buy a ps4 pro a great console with great exclusives and graphics…..😀😀😀😀😀😀😀


  • Gamers should be playing games not resolution and frames per second. This should not even be a thing.

  • Where are the games? These triple AAA titles have as much originality as a tribal tat.

  • No games, No gamers! PS4 > Xbox One X

  • Sorry but i been a pc user since years, but xbox one "x" is going to run 30 FPS at 4k which a pc at that same price can also do… But with more of a budget you can get 60+ FPS no no fucking 30 FPS, Should get yourself a 144 Hhz monitor , and a pc you can tell a huge difference how smooth it is, No wonder why there's more E sports on PC as consoles right now sucks dick

  • I clicked the link because there was a woman in the thumbnail. i was very disappointed.