The Six Attempts To Call Jimmy Butler On-Air | SC6 | June 29, 2017

After Minnesota Timberwolves forward Jimmy Butler gave out his phone number during his introductory press conference, SC6’s Michael Smith and Jemele Hill attempt to call him and leave a message on his voicemail.

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  • all the thots are gonna hit up Butler

  • Never heard of this show till now

  • Nice to see he still had his chicago area code for his phone number

  • This says The Six Attempts To Call Jimmy Butler On-Air but they only called once… SAD!

  • jimmy real

  • Antoine Walker talking about Jimmy Butler??? The same guy who was so irresponsible with his career that he left the NBA broke living in a 1 room shack playing for the D league?

  • Jimmy ButLer

  • aside from failing to be a franchise leader he also failed to answer phone calls 😂

  • Nah he'll change his # soon

  • Nah he'll change his # soon

  • they really called him….

  • He answered me 😀😀😀😀

  • haha you know everybody that saw this live tried calling him

  • If you got a problem with Lebron call 563-690-8218

  • but i mean who are these guys?…

  • I'm gonna call him

  • hoiberg is the locker room problem not jimmy lol

  • he awnsered and said sup i asked questions he awnsered and he said he gonna win mvp so minnesota fans get ready

  • Wolves in a few years can be a force if they can get a good bench

  • what's his number

  • I read this as 6 tries to call jimmy butler.

  • I clicked on this video thinking they were going to call him Six times

  • He has no right to wear #21

  • I called he changed it 🙁

  • Guess Jimmy didn't have time for SC6.

  • He switched his number


  • he's switching his number

  • i thought they tried to call him 6 times

  • 7176822700

  • Messy Center!

  • Y'all stop hating

  • he did the mike Jones given out his number

  • Jimmy Butler seems much happier

  • Jimmy Butler did not specify but I'm sure there are a couple of criterias, like No journalists allowed, show caller ID etc….

  • #21 is exclusive for Garnett. The number he should be changing is his jersey number.

  • Jimmy answered and hung up on me in one second.

  • Sub to my channel and I sub back

  • Just realized, assuming they don't abandon the number completely, Butler just screwed over whoever will get that number some time in the future. Lmao

  • Here's his new number 1-800-273-8255