The Science Behind Mayweather vs. McGregor | Sport Science | ESPN

ESPN Sport Science breaks down the power UFC champion Conor McGregor will bring to the boxing ring against the defensive prowess of Floyd Mayweather.

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  • The judges are going to destroy McGregor!!!!!

  • FACT: Floyd floats like a bee and stings like a butterfly.

  • McGregor is gonna get raped

  • Mayweather wins by submission

  • Anything is possible

  • There is no science only money, its a joke. Boxing has paid right into Simon Cowell mentality. We are truly fucked. Life is cheap.

  • shut it mcgregor gonna take it

  • Medias trying to make this fight big, pls like for real. The people that know about fighting they know who's gonna win.Stop complicating this match so much. Boxing style and guard different and mma style and guard different.

  • If this goes past 1 round Conor has won the event.

  • McGregor is going to get pelted non stop until he goes down.

  • 49-1 FACTS

  • don't call me chicken Runner or a cherry picker

  • lil bitch

  • My technique is All-in. Forget defense just lunge at my opponent at full speed before they get a chance to counter.

  • 49-1

  • I just want to see conor jump kick mayweather

  • waste of time

  • I'm sorry but it's obvious Mayweather will win, it could be over in a round if he wants it to be.

  • All this sports science shit doesn't mean a thing when the fights are fixed.

  • watched this video together with bf.. prefer him to all actors and wrestler..he died.. had longer arms than him life is an arsenal at best .. (censored)..i told him he had the largest dick ever (big dick).. im longr than u think btw – linavoice.. may those images remain in ur head forever

  • This sports science shit is so cringey and cheesy.

  • we all know why mcreggor took this fight, he want to get paid, its his pay day and he is gonna get knocked out with a smile, moneyboi dont mind the extra cash neither, thanks for the free money bitch, h'll buy a few buggati's to add to his collection..

  • this fight should be a 2-series fight. we can see then who took the most beating

  • At the end of the Day if they fought 20 times Conner would have a chance of winning once that's about it.

  • Mayweather fans are so obnoxious about the odds because they know that if it were anything other than boxing, Floyd would be annihilated.

  • Conor is a disgrace for boxing and a big clown who is only giving a bad name to profesional boxing. That fucking mayweather is fucking up the sport with his bullshit fight.

  • Trust me Conor is gonna knock him out in first round. Mystic mac!!

  • Stupid Murican units…

  • yea nate diaz landed and never tko mc gregor. shut your millennial ass.

  • McGregor got out boxed by Diaz , how the fuck will he out box mayweather?

  • How much power is lost due to the cushion of the glove, and with that taken in consideration, how will the power of their punches compare?

  • sledgehammer vs viper, who wins?

  • Huge Conor fan but I can't find a single video that makes me believe he'll even hit Mayweather. I think people forget how much Conor actually gets hit too. How is going to land that left hand when that's literally all he has to watch out for. I think this is truly going to be embarrassing for him. I just hope he does well early and makes it a fight for at least 3 rounds but I think the ref stops it before the 5th.

  • 47-3

  • Fuck Flay Mayweva, who the fuck is Flay Mayweva.

  • The only science that's going to be produced in the ring is Mayweather kicking this white mutant inferior dog ass!!! It would be like Grainville T. Woods versus Thomas Edison, no comprising. You can't keep stilling melanoid people pattons and not get your ass kicked for it(Edison was a white racist thief)

  • wrong espn, when you straighten your leg into the blow the momentum only looks as though.. the weight is on the back foot, but actually the transfer is more 55 to 45. A slight distribution occurs, your analyzing a basic stance position. Please do your homework..

  • 49-1

  • Who gives a shit what ESPN thinks! They don't know white about MMA and spent 15 years trying to keep MMA illegal. Fuck espn!!,

  • there is no science to it. Mayweather will run around in perfect defense avoiding the fight for the decision as he always does. boring fight as usual it shall be.

  • the fight is next month already and not a single press conference….will they really fight?? Are they going to call the fight off?  Have Mayweather and McGregor even met each other in person?

  • Eey Dana, 60gs BAbeeeeeee. feels like last year.

  • he got no chance