The Perfect Egg Sandwich, According to Alvin Cailan | Food Skills

Egg sandwiches are available at every bodega, cornerstone, and fast-food joint. But at Eggslut, chef Alvin Cailan is turning the everyday breakfast sandwich into a work of art. A cult favorite in L.A., and now available at Chefs Club Counter in NYC, Eggslut’s secret is patience. Eggs and butter are added to a cold pan, and gently stirred on low heat. The result is something soft, smooth, and covered in melted cheese and sriracha mayo. Eggslut’s Fairfax is a must-try for any egg-sandwich enthusiast.

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  1. People are hilarious the simple fact this man is getting recognition means he is doing something right if you think you can make a sandwich better than prove it everybody swear they're an expert on shit but just like to type and show no action behind it

  2. They are probably remaking this video because in the previous one, Alvin, said that a good egg sandwhich you need to have american cheese and bacon. it's a must he said. Yet in his own creation he uses cheddar and no bacon and people noticed the hypocrisy.

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