The Perfect Doughnut, According to Wylie Dufresne | Food Skills


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  • Second

  • Donuts don't look like dick

  • nut

  • Wait, is it spelled donut or doughnut?

  • Hopefully these 1 minute videos do not turn like "Intro Viceland videos." Shit is annoying AF!

  • Where is the bald man with the spicy wings?

  • The perfect doughnut is a HOT krispy kreme glazed doughnut. Fuck all that extra stuff.

  • Shit it's 3am and i want a doughnut now. Fuck you.

  • There was literally nothing about what Wylie thought was a perfect donut. This channel is becoming pure advertisements.

  • Where's the Anthony Fantano video

  • 1 dozen donuts… $38.50. You can fuck right the hell off.

  • He sounds like Adam Savage.

  • why the baked in subtitles?

  • iam on a fucking diet 😭😭

  • Donuts have to be fluffy. If they taste like a cake or a muffin, it's wrong. Bye.

  • Dom

    Dufresne, party of two…

  • hahashibe

  • mehhhhh…….

  • What's the point of putting 3 mini marshmallows on the damn thing

  • I already knew was this cake donut nigga cuz I saw him on the insider

  • Why'd he need subtitles? I understood every word he said 😂

  • No glaze papi, going churro style.

  • Being on a diet sucks. I want a goddamn doughnut!

  • I doughnut know what to expect with this one minute video…

  • Mmm… doughnuts

  • Nice to know that they tore down that neighborhood to put in an overpriced donut shop

  • T D

    I'm sure your great grandpa would be amazingly proud.

  • food skills or commercial for Dus?

  • he didnt actually mention THE perfect doughnut

  • It's a matter of personal preference, but to me, the light/airy doughnut will always be superior to the thick/cake-y doughnut.

  • lol so the australian version of krispy kream or donut king…. this is nothing but a sponsored vid

    nothing special, nothing new, nothing innovative.

  • so early i got that donut cum still on my chin

  • Why can't I skip this ad?

  • i made doughnuts for two years and it doesnt make mutch money buuut its satisfying when a customer says holy shit!! this tastes amazing!!

  • perfect doughnut, uses baking powder not yeast for the dough, yeah im out, the robot shaping and flipping it killed it off completely -.-
    sad shit for a food channel :/