The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 118 | “Two & A Possible”

Apologies on the hiatus, but we’re back to regular scheduled programing. This week we discuss Prodigy, The BET Awards, Migos, Meek vs SB, Power, Hov’s tweets, Chance, Khaled, 2 Chainz, and more!!!

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  • Ak is more of a stand up guy then u Joe Burden.. as long as Ak is associated with that nigga his relationships will be strained. Joe an over emotional dick in the ass nigga. He don't how to take responsibility when both beefs are his fault. We ain't stoopid. He walked off like a lil bitch instead of doing his job bumped the hell out of offset he should've popped joe but knew how to keep composure. Screamed on yachty a new rapper only 19 years old… Nobody is selling huge numbers like that nowadays. When a man tries to help u and diffuse a situation where when the tables where turnt u sold him out and didn't have his back nigga U are the pussy stay tryna throw him under the bus even got your young thot mouth bitch tryna go on him on twitter in shit.. we all know that ak ain't the toughest go hard ass nigga and cuz he owns that and makes light of it can't fault him. 😂 this nigga said I wore sneakers and all black for a reason learnt from safaree. Joe is a nigga with bitch tendencies

  • *dont KNOW how to take responsibility.

  • Migos was gonna whip ya old ass Joe loooooool… but why AK gotta be a pussy?? Why you talkin' bout that man like that? You a GROWN ass man.. you acted how you saw fit and so did AK.. he even jumped up to help diffuse the situation.. you can't be mad at a nxgga for not being you.. take that criticism Rory and Mal tried to give you.. you keep talking about it but you don't care that much.. stop it Joe Mal voice lol

  • You fake bruh.

  • cant these AK stans just go back to collecting pokemon instead of watching a real nigga show?

  • tight jeans are some faggot shit

  • Joe has called AK soft and a dick rider on Everday Struggle regularly and AK hasnt said a thing, so why are y'all acting surprised? And how is Joe a snake when he said on this podcast that he will never let someone come on that show and touch AK?

  • I wonder , who Joe is trying to be ?
    Because he IS ALL the things HE hates-
    He said he hate cancers cause they are emotional , but that attitude at the migos interview was unprofessional and nothing BUT HIS EMOTION ,
    He says hehates people with double standards/moral but tries to be a gangster and a gentlemen too . Its called BIPOLAR and its just annoying how joe thinks hes irreplaceble …..he is and its sad cause i like when joe RAPS but when he talks……………….
    #unprofessional #doublemoral #weareallthesame #youjusthumantoo

  • why are there so many damn ak fans

  • That was a egotistical standoff. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

  • Playlist in Spotify with all available songs of the sleepers… enjoy!

  • u AK supporters are the biggest live with ya moms weirdos.


  • this internet gangsta shit funny and crazy

  • Joe is funny as shit. He spoke ill of Method Man and everyone know how the Wu was getting down why was he someone where by himself to get punched in the eye by Chef and his people? Did he swing even one punch back nope? he had to call Royce and Crooked before he even spoke a loud word.

  • they were dressed like Cyn…


  • Joe, my man, how are you going to say you would say, and I quote 'I can take 2 and 1/2 of the Migos.' But when the guy in the video with a white and a blue shirt said 'What you tryna do?' You said 'Nothing' three times? How is AK a pussy when he never fronts as being a tough guy or puts out that energy that he's about that action? Yes, there's guys out there, especially black guys who don't want a fight and if they say they don't want it, what's pussy about that? Isn't pussy being the loudest dude in the room who proclaims he's about that action but when it's crunch time, you fold like a lawn chair? Or am I missing something?

  • "Im never leaving my man ever" – Joe?

  • AK fucked up when he called himself pussy I feel bad for his moms cus no parent wants a bitch ass nigga for a son. you dont gotta be a tuff guy either but your parents didnt raise your to let people walk all over

  • I fuck with Joe but I don't think he's handling this the right way. Should have been a conversation he had with Ak instead of doing this but to each their own I guess.

  • We should all just realize that Joe Budden is our lord and savior and has all the knowledge and wisdom one man can have. Remember the Ye interview when Sway didn't have the answers?Well Joe has the answers. People just don't want to listen. Joe is the one with the answers. He knows everything. You ever heard verse two of 'Momma' that's actually Kendrick talking about Joe, Joe knows everything. All we need to do is realize that Joe knows everything. He's literally always right.