The Inpatient – Feel Them All | PS VR

100+ Games, Feel Them All. Featuring The Inpatient

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  1. I really love my PSVR but 100+ game qoute shouldnt be in the AD. Most of the games are silly little tech demos……. Buttttt The must haves are Resident Evil 7…..Skyrim……Super Hot…… Eve Warzone……..Rec Room…… Farpoint…….Gran Turismo…Doom.. and few others….. but honestly the only problem so far is more AAA titles for the VR…. I kinda just hope they start remaking classic games in VR. Resident Evil 7 and Skyrim alone show the future potential for VR in all genres. Those games have set a standard…. If those games cnan be completely done in VR theres no reason others cant…. Can i please play some sci fi, metal gear…..etc in VR. Plz

  2. If you have Xbox system then you will be jealous because you will be mad that you spent money on system that did not have vr and you might have to just get out of this video because the dislikes are coming from theos Xbox fans because they are jealous of the PlayStation 4 and the psvr The End.

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