The Ellen Staff’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap Exclusive: Krystal Tells All!

Krystal joins Ellen’s producers in the cubicle and dishes on all things “Bachelor” this season.
Warning: Lots of glitter

“The Bachelor” airs Monday nights on ABC.



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  1. Yay I liked this interview with Krystal. The show definitely makes people into characters. She is a good person deep down. I do feel bad though, some of the girls have said they were hoping it would be Peter (Bekah M, Krystal). No wonder Arie had a hard time being vulnerable with the women. They didn't want him there. Kinda makes me feel bad for him.
    Also, I love you guys, but I am kinda hoping for another video where you review the episode because it wasn't talked about and it was such a juicy one!

  2. Still, Krystal seems so fake; although she's a grown woman, there is no personality there (except, mean – but that's not really a personality). And why those producers are sucking up for her?
    She's trying to cover up her lost by appearing strong and "I am so much better than everyone else". Still waiting for Krystal to own up her actions and words during the show.

  3. How are you should see this video I don't know if you already saw it but if you haven't you should check out this person if you want to watch the Videos his name is marcelito pomoy he has two voices he has a woman voice and a man

  4. Secretly she is just like the alcoholic drug addict mental disorder girl from anger management…. knew girl like her..and a bunch of other girls i would have ran through if they werent being culture copped puppets for other resnecks and assholes who have no social skills..And i dont want abused.. used up girls..

  5. Okay… this proves that production is full of 💩. She seems nothing like how she was in the show. Seems to me that she was just honest and not for the bull$#it. Hell I think we would have been BFF if I was there. Clearly there always has to be the villain and unfortunately she was the easiest one for them to convince us that she was.

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