The Breakfast Club Breaks Down The Gayest Rap Lyrics Of All Time

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  • So we gonna forget it: "Since we all right here, you hold my dick while he suckin it
    MOTHERFUCKER, don't you know you'll never come near me
    Shove ya head up ya ass, have you seein shit clearly
    Never heard that D be runnin, cuz D be gunnin
    I beat my dick and bust off in ya eye so you can see me comin/cumin" – DMX

  • PAC been said Dr.Dre was gay nothing new here but hip hop is full of in the closet homosexuals

  • i think charlenagne is gay he always defending and talking gay shit i mean his eyes light up

  • biggie talkin bout pedophila tho that ain't nothing to joke about tho no wonder y pac went at him

  • But everyone know Eminem does shit for the Joke

  • Eminem also said:

    I was born with a dick in my brain
    yeah fucked in the head
    My stepfather said that I sucked in the bed
    'Til one night he snuck in and said
    We're going out back, I want my dick sucked in the shed.

    Truly, the GOAT.


  • This whole conversation is fucked. If I was a mother I couldn't be on live radio talking about my kid's sex life 😝

  • I hate gays gangbangers and fucking jerkers unless it's gays that's gangbanging and fucking jerkers- Tyler the Creator 😂😂😂 coincidencly the songs called WHOA

  • I bet been kissing white boys since 2014 that's gay man

  • wow … you gonna ask the boys mama tho lmaolk

  • scarred the boy for life

  • Charlamagne stay barebacking these new niggas

  • "weezy f baby" was an anthem/nickname…winner


  • The only one of those bars applicable was Eminem & Dre… the rest can EASILY be dispelled.

  • talking about fucking niggas with no vaseline -ice cube

  • You guys take shit to seriously lol.. Tyler the creator has said way more crazy shit

  • "Niggas press they luck and they get a buttfucking. Straight up the ass, rawdog with the rash…"

    -Biggie. The Wickedest freestyle with Mister Cee

  • Charlamange obviously see the same "Recommended" videos on YouTube that I do. There's been a video on there everyday for the past 2 weeks about this exact topics. I know some of y'all seen it.

  • Gay is NEVER cool.

  • CTG : I don't care/have time to be searching and breaking down subliminals

    … has no problem searching for the gayest rap lyrics tho 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • That boy should've never gave his mama the phone 😂😂😂 .

  • Eminem IS Gay and has always been . nothing wrong with that.

  • The adlib made eminem's line the WORSE. But the difference is TYLER was dead serious and made two songs about it.

  • Eminem might aswell just be disqualified. He does it too intentionally. By the same token he's also a homophobe to someone else. Listen to Relapse, he talks about cross-dressing and everything, but in the context he's talking about Buffalo Bill.

  • I never took that Eminem line seriously, I pretty much already knew he was joking years and years ago…also, that canibus line he was talking about how he would kill niggas lyrically, yea he could of say it a different way but, it is what it is

  • Charlemagne needs a new plastic surgeon

  • got a new blow up doll and just had a strap-on added, whoops! – Eminem lol

  • Papoose said "You so pussy when I see you I become horny"

  • Pac never was on a cross in real life.That was a look-a-like in the smile video and he was already dead when Makaveli came out with the image of him on a cross.

  • Charlagay needs to come

  • When he said eat a nigga ass he meant lyrically.

  • WTF???? You have clearly run out of topics to talk about…….

  • Funniest Breakfast Club video this week 😂

  • Quavo- "I'll eat a nigga ass like a almond joy"

  • back then ppl wasnt so sensitive about ppl making gay remarks that was sus but hey this generation is odee sensitive, harlem niggas made it ok to say some gay shit and say no homo but they left out when biggie said the chick look so good he'll suck her daddys dick, that was too much as if he actually thought about that shit, em just be trolling and i never really listened to canibus so its whatever for him

  • Canibus has the gayest – there no reasoning behind it.

    we all know eminem and Tyler have shock value materia all the time

  • DJ Quik – Dollaz and Sense

    "Now, I never had my dick sucked by a man before
    But you gon' be the first, you little trick-ass ho
    Then you can tell me just how it taste
    But before I nut I shoot some piss in your face"

  • "Got so many chains they call me chaining Tatum"
    Although it ain't fruity it's still a gay ass bar 😂😂😂😂

  • "Abdul from Queens" sound a like Floss who does the tech reviews lol

  • In the golden era. lol

  • You both out or order. Asking his mom did she ever have her ass licked? I am whipping both of yall ass. nigger

  • Dre and Emim sweet strawberry shortcakes are gay.. He been telling people this for years. Just watch his video's… and listen to his music.

  • Cannabis has the gayest line lbs for the people That's justifying that line.. you say those lyrics out loud in public and see how many people look at you (like WTF) with my eyebrow raise oh don't try to say you're rapping second round knockout The lie is more entertaining than the truth😂

  • Biggie said you look so good I'll suck ya daddy's dick

  • Cannibus easy

  • Canabas 💩

  • em line was gay too