“The Bachelorette” Week 5 Recap | ABC News

The plot thickens as Rachel thins out her crowd of suitors. Bachelorette Senior Analyst Jack Sheahan gives us all the juicy details.

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  • 1

  • it was me🤗

  • ABC NEWS WHY ARE YOU AWAKE IN LIKE 2:00 in the damn morning?

  • First.
    Hey, thanks for watching, we here at WNN appreciate it.
    And just so no one else has to say it, The Analyst will… Nope, it's not news and it's not supposed to be.
    It's supposed to be fun, so we hope you can enjoy it.

  • cancer

  • cant wait for tonight's episode

  • i caught last night episode.. and wow what a super sweet beautiful woman.. I hope she finds someone deserving of her.

  • Why is this Show relevant?

  • wait, people actually watch this?!? are they retarded?

  • It's the most illiterate concept I've ever seen besides the other so called reality shows which presents no reality at all.
    Every damn show we see on TV that have a black woman in it all of them are with white men as if black men doesn't exist.
    Even if the movie or clip was made in europe it's the same.
    All black women have white male husbands and boyfriends.
    But if it's a reality show and their showing bad behavior then all the people are black.

  • they are made cause she's taking advantage of the opportunity. I think anyone would 😚

  • why is this news?

  • this is low abc u should stick to your fake news u r losing views im unsub

  • If I was to guess, I would say that Rachel's favorite flavor of ice cream is Vanilla from the way things are going down. Oh well, its her choice. I like how she is still stringing along a couple of brothers to not look too bad. LOL!!

  • Bryan is the one for her and I knew it all along

  • News anchor "there is a lot to look forward too" LOL

  • She looks like a man …like Manchelle Obumer … (See how many Flies I catch…)