“That’s kind of hard to say being that we’ve been chasing that fight for years now and it still hasn’t happened…it’s kind of hard to say…it’s boxing…like I say, he earned his right to be able to take these lesser guys,” stated undefeated former unified jr. welterweight champion Terence Crawford, who shared his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao fighting on his undercard. Check it out!



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  1. crawford is big opponent for pacman his size is not a jr.welterweight o welterweight i think 154 is in for crawford bcoz of he's height u see crawford and mayweather in the photos crawford is tool unlike mayweather so 154 lbs is fit for crawford and he's young he demolish my idol pacman if he pick this guy so pacquiao pls avoid this man bcoz young and a southpaw style is a dangerous for u idol pacman.crawford is a runner boxer same mayweather😂😅

  2. Some of y’all aren’t wilin! Do yall not remember how Brook was easily outboxing Spence for the first 5 rounds, then only after Brook’s legs fatigued Spence was able to overwhelm him. Bud can box just as good as Brook or better for 12rds straight without any noticeable fatigue… Spence should stay away from Bud. It’ll be another May vs. Pac type fight… Peterson was able to land the jab and straight right whenever he wanted to, he just didn’t have enough steam on the shots to slow Spence down or the legs to keep Spence off balance and walk him into shots the way Crawford can…

  3. Bob definitely trying to sacrifice pac to bud… couldn't do it. So he sacrificed pac to horn lol in a decision…

    All you bud fans… you ever see him get wobbled by a little ass fighter. And he's coming into 47… bud is a weight bully. But Errol Spence is even a bigger weight bully. So is all the other 47ers except for pac. He walks in the right and is natural at that weight.

    — either way bud doesn't know what he's stepping into… and when he steps into it. He's gonna get KOd. As far as fight wise. Why would pac wanna take a non action fight. We don't want a mayweather and pac 2. With bud being mayweather2. And film study with clean punches landed and punch stats show pac clearly won.

    So bud fans wanna see him beat an old man by dancing around the ring… styles makes fight is the old saying… why TF u wanna put an old short man who is action (that everyone says is slowing down) with no more power with a taller heavier person who had more height and reach and dances around the ring (runs – lulls the action and pot shots that doesn't allow action) GTFOH. I will say. Manny has a chance based on that questionable chin of crawfords.

    Alvarado is an action fight… they're hoping to stop Alvarado to hype up the lomo fight. It's business. MFers don't understand the business. Cause all arum doing is sacrificing pac to Loma. If it goes all the way. Loma gets the decision. Loma has enough skills and footwork to not get knocked out. And that's all he needs to do is stay standing. Refer to horn vs pac. Even if loma gets knocked down— Loma will still win.

    At least both Loma and bud both say manny isn't In his prime …. manny has been p4p in his era… up there with the greats if not the greatest based on comparable stats that aren't padded/bought off decisions like mayweathers. And all you fan boys that say. He fought people again to prove he could beat them —- well if you take a test and ace it on the first try That's impressive. But if you know what's on the test because you already took it. That's not as impressive. Let's face it. A 20 or 30 and zero fighter now a days ain't really fought no one. So when they fight a B+ fighter who has a name. They get all excited and big headed — who the fk is indongo? Bud didn't even know his name. And indongo beat some no name second their fighters for those belts.

    Loma and bud still have shit to prove. Pac does not. Only haters casuals and retards will talk shit about pac at this stage. Which one are you?? Lol

  4. Which is true, Pacquiao has earned the right to take lesser guys. My issue isn't that he does it, it's that he gets a pass for it but ppl a tear down Floyd's whole shit for sprinkling in a Berto after he's already fought everyone. He's been fighting better competition than Pacquiao for years

  5. The only reason pac man is on his card is because there trying to raise tbuds numbers and ticket sales there horrible for him being the pound for pound guy
    doesn’t even touch what the real pound for pound guys bring in like ggg and canelo

  6. dude stfu…. u cant fuck with pacman. trynna play the humble role. go sell that shit elsewhere…. ps YOU HAVENT BEATEN ANYONE RELEVANT. OTHER THAN THAT SUPER SKINNY BLACK DUDE. ALL UV A SUDDEN YOURE PPP…THANK TOP RANK!

  7. Bud is that dude, he was brought in as an opponent vs Prescott and from that point on he’s been teaching these fighters how to get dominated and knocked out for the first time. Spence is a good fighter but he’s always getting leftovers. Bud has two gold medalist on his resume, very good as fighters that everyone was looking forward to him fighting and soon as he Phucks them up they were small 😂. Bud is just beating up the top prime fighters that didnt know how to lose prior to facing Bud. Spence fights are more like, let’s see if he can beat this guy better than this guy. Algerie, Bundo and even Kell Brook all took recent beat downs before facing Spence.

  8. Sorry bud hyped craeford? you lucky that is in same ppv " not same place" coz your a flop ppv boxer bob knows you can't sale you own ppv w/out pacman" anywhere pac fights soldout even in stadium? Morethan 60k capacity dallas "sold out morethan a million ppv" you ppv buys only 250 k just like tip of an iceberg " your a 177 pounder fight in 140 a weigjtbully!! W.T.F.???

  9. Crawford vs pacman"??? Same as floyd vs pac tag &run around &wins in judges"jejejejeje idiots fans are very happy " thats why they cannot fight outside america? "Land of the brave ?hah? But all of there boxers are cowards"duckers" ONLY IN U.S.A.

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