Tens of thousands of computers hit by global cyberattack

Ransomware has spread throughout four continents and affected networks of several major U.S. companies.


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  • get Bitdefender

  • second comment

  • OH NO! Oreo is hacked?! But where else am I going to get cookies? 🙁

  • the irony in the story is not that technology is being used to harm people . but the fact that the harmful technology invented to harm people is actually being used to do its job . That's ironic.

  • Uh, anyone, uh… wanna… eat my ass?

  • Microsoft Cap on that lol funny

  • just don't Fuck with my Wifi

  • Oh my gosh i accidentaly hack the oreo comapany

  • Good fuck America

  • How complicated is making Oreos?

  • Um ud think hospitals would have offline hard drives that can't be hacked or a cloud service

  • This is why I'm lucky to be a Kiwi.