Teen’s fall from Six Flags ‘sky ride’ captured on video

The unidentified 14-year-old girl from Greenwood, Delaware, was rescued by onlookers who caught the brunt of her fall at the upstate New York amusement park.


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  • I really find a scary you people that are leaving these crazy comments like this child deserve that this is the child in case you don't understand it this is really scary that people would leave crazy comments you are the people of the future that we have to worry about

  • she did something that she shouldn't do

  • Just don't be stupid at parks and you're going to be fine.

  • Please disable the comments on this video grown people leaving crazy comments what is the matter with you I'm reporting you

  • kids today are stupid…..hanging up there for 10 minutes…….and not one selfie close up.

  • Again nobody needs to explain anything this is a child and hopefully she doesn't read the comments on this I just can't believe grown adults making really horrible comments that's just seems so weird to me

  • Too bad about your banner blocking your video.

  • They said her neck was stuck

  • thank you to all the people that cough her! THANK YOU <3

  • I love seeing all of us come together to help for nothing more,just because it's the right thing

  • 14 year old dumbass… I'm 16 and 2 years ago I knew not to do stupid shit like that. Kicking trees? Really??

  • The funny thing about this I know who that girl is she knows me

  • this is why you sit STILL and enjoy the ride, not kick trees and put yourself at risk of falling off. i'm glad she's alright, though.

  • the people who are saying things like "oh she deserved it for being stupid and trying to kick the trees!" "she's 14 she should know better!"
    y'all have way too high of standers for young teenage, and you clearly forgot what it was like to be a teenager. teens think their invincible and no harm can come to them. and she probably didn't think any harm would come to her if she simply kicked at the trees.

  • Screw that guy at the end, giving a pass on the park's responsibility for safety and dumping all that on the parent's. Nothing but respect for the people who caught this girl. Good looking out for someone else's kid.

  • The world, it seems, is not her Safe Space. Her little brother, babies, first-graders, and fourth-graders (2:48) are all able to navigate the minimal intricacies of the ride with no problem. A teenager, on the other hand, just can't seem to get the hang of it. Natural Selection is going to catch up with this girl eventually, at which point she'll blindly run toward it, screaming wildly across the busy highway, scissors in one hand and a knife in the other, and her final news story will be in the books.

  • First off, Im glad she is safe. At the end, basically the guys' translation means DONT DO DUMB ISH ON THE RIDE to reduce the possibility of stuff happening. I see people not letting the bars lock as tight or doing stupid stuff for a rush

  • Who's the stupid asshole at the end saying it's the parents who are at fault for kids safety. Did this asshole not see the Ferris wheel accidents, faulty belts etc.?

    The 14 year old did this to herself, I agree. However the majority of accidents are because of park fuck ups, sorry.

    The fact that the news tacked that on the end of their story is disgusting. After all, one kid was decapitated because of poor design flaw on a water slide in Kansas. How is that the parents fault. Bad reporting.

  • 😂

  • If they knew she was not seriously hurt at all and only had minor injuries why did they AIR LIFT her to the hostipal

  • Ash

    So how exactly did she get into that situation? Was she messing around doing stuff she wasn't supposed to?

  • the man talking at 1:58 you better tell these folks. ..I always tell my dad what myson can get on…and 9 year olds can have heart attacks. on these rollercoaster

  • a day of fine turns terrifying

  • Showing her upper body strength

  • How the fuck did this happen i go to this six flags ever day

  • I was there she was trying to kick the tree branches and she slipped through the bar

  • She slipped because she was trying to kick the branches under her but she could not reach and so she slipped out

  • That could have gone horribly wrong. Catching someone's fall while you're standing on the concrete ground? More than one neck could have been broken.