Taxstone Pleads Guilty to a Federal Gun Possession Charge. He is facing up to 20 Years.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Taxstone taking a Guilty Plea to a Federal Gun Possession Charge. He is facing up to 20 Years.
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  1. if u pled guilty to weapons charges in NY they will convict you for the murde aswell….Troy Ave Will not be charge for the muder of his bodyguard because it was self defence

  2. Fuck outta here… u fools don't understand. He plead guilty to avoid 20 years… His time will be based on his background. Feds have guidelines and categories for sentencing offenders. He took a plea. Now the feds will assign him to a category based on his criminal history. Feds rarely stray from sentencing guidelines.

  3. LOL I'm glad taxstone is going to prison for 20 years, he promoted that prison life so hope he enjoys sleeping in his cell LOL

    I'm African American, I hate niggas. Niggas hate their people and their community and work hard to bring them down to the slums along with themselves.

    taxstone is a coon and an uncle tom, he hated Brown complexion people and our community, look at his actions and listen to his words.

    There are Caucasian niggas, Hispanic niggas, Brown complexion niggas, and Asian niggas; niggas are too be avoided at all cost because they love a problematic life.

  4. Tax is fucked, but he brought it on himself. A grown man has no business shooting his a pistol off inside of a club. That's something a fuckin' kid would do. If half of what he's admitted to doing in the past (on his show, & on Vladtv) is true, then the motherfucker belongs in a fuckin' cage. I like him personally, I respect the fact that he's Straight up about everything, but he's still a bully, & I cannot say that I feel sorry for him. I wish that he'd made better choices for himself, that's all I can say.

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