Talking Sexual Harassment Lawsuits & Keaton Jones Bullying Video on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. Make sure Maxine waters talks about how the black people in her district are doing worse now than they were in the 90s, how her husband has ties to Russia that almost got him thrown in prison and how she blew tax dollars on giving her daughter a bogus position. Black people need to stop going with SYMBOLISM we already know about republicans but why do we give Democrat's a pass? We need real results not bullshit. You'll forever stay broke being satisfied with nothingness.

  2. What's the point  of Gio being on the show?….. He don't know shit, they cut him off EVERY time he opens his mouth, and he is way to thirsty. The fact he had no idea who Doug Jones was, and could not contribute to the conversation is a bit embarrassing!

  3. Not to defend Keaton or his mama , but y’all need to do some research the Go fund wasn’t even in Keaton or his mothers name , it was from a third party & the funds have been froze, plus the School Keaton goes to was 98% white , its highly unlikely he was going around calling the 2% of black people nigger, considering the fact that the pics are real & his mother may be racist I understand the outrage , plus when our young black children are bullied all the time , & don’t get the same outpouring response or platform it angers me too but y’all and this lose ass reporting is tired & thru , & Mellisa ain’t you the smart one chilee?? ok 🙄 bullying is never okay, & getting your news from Twitter & instagram ain’t either.

  4. I watch this show for 2 reasons only:1) I do night security and 2) MACHINE GUN MEL!!!!! BEEN A BIG FAN OF MELYSSA SINCE HER TRIBUTE ISSUE IN KING MAG!!! That's when I fell in love with her mind as well as the booty…….SERIOUSLY AND FOR REAL FOR REAL. I'm proud of my evolution in how and what I think of "Serious and Strong" women.

  5. I know that some GO FUND ME pages are legit……but I've been and am skeptical about such things, ever since the 1980's where when people who were raising money to fight HIV/AIDS……TOOK THE MONEY AND GOT GHOST!!!! Now it wasn't every organization but about 3 to 4 fake orgs. got from a few thousand to the 10's of thousands, 1 or 2 got caught but this whole thing just reminds me.

  6. On getting bullied……I got FUCKED up!!! I ain't even gonna lie bout that…but most those dudes went and are still in RAHWAY/N.JERSEY PENITENTIARY, a few straighten out and a few are tops and or bottoms( if you don't know….ask MR. LEE what those terms mean)

  7. Gio is so thirst quenching. Not just physical but all around… Jason is a whole fool but I love everything about his crazy ass. Also if he wasnt gay he could get it…Mel is simply beautiful. Love you three.

  8. black people are not the most racist people in the world perhaps prejudice not racist, being black people people would run everything if they were the most racist people

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