Talking #MeToo Movement on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]



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  1. Omg are you fking kidding me! NO, NEVER once have I hated any of the 3 of my children! It's hard but you're full of straight $#it melyssa. Do you even realize what the fk you're saying?! Stick to your nympho $#it.
    Jason you gave up on your brother. Everyone fks up… you and Melissa just admitted it too! You're a fkd up mfker. He needed you.

  2. Good to see Gio back.. yall gonna keep losing viewership if yall don't start being more consistent with these uploads. I mean do yall even make money from this online show? I know the instagram makes some dough but wtf is going on… be consistent so you can one day reach Breakfast Club numbers! Because there are some second rate regular people on youtube who get more viewership and are more consistent than yall!

  3. I think the internet just wants to hate Ciara!!!… I think its a great thing what she said…its even more beautiful that she actually lived through what she's talking about and she wants to empower women to do better and know their worth #I love it!!

  4. Melyssa, please stop saying your from Toronto. You’re so smart but you have zero knowledge of what goes on in our city.. stop making it seem like everything is peaches and cream, we all have struggles stop with the “I’m from Toronto for god sakes” it’s tired.. When asked just say you don’t know what’s going on in the city cause you really don’t 🙄

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