Talking Making Stupid People Famous on Instagram on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. You guys did a great job during last week. I love to listen even when I’m not into ur guest Jason asks the bluntest questions n I enjoy that. Lol keep it up I’m still watching

  2. Eliza Dushku was molested by Joel Kramer, one of Hollywood's leading stunt coordinators (not a lighting technician). Melyssa reporting erroneous news like an unprofessional rookie as usual… smh

  3. Jason, I love you but you’re smarter than that! That kid, boonk, his 4 million followers are majority children. You need to make sure your guests demographics match yours. It’s quality over quantity. IJS. Unless you’re admitting your target audience is the kids?

  4. First sentence-Love watching the show. Now, skinny people are tormented because in general, people never seem to have a problem saying "you're so skinny" but let someone say "you're so fat it's a fight

  5. I grew up in the hood too and been around guns unfortunately.. When I was 15 a guy put a gun to my head like an idiot!..We always knew in the hood that you’re not supposed to point that shit at people or put your finger on the trigger if you’re not gonna shoot.. I accidentally pointed a gun at my homegirl and got my ass chewed out by everyone that was there! Anyway, you guys handled that fine! 💕 you guys!

  6. JASON … let’s keep it a buck. You are corny as hell for blaming the viewers for making Boonk viral/trending and acting as if you’re just doing your job by interviewing him bc of that. If you go click on that video you will be hard pressed to find a single comment in support of offering him your platform. There is an overwhelming number of dislikes versus likes. Has any interview EVER had that many? Because of those little metrics I’m confident in saying i highly doubt YOUR audience makes up a majority of his 4.1 million followers. I’m positive YOUR audience prefers good quality content over ignorance. Be real. YOU, YOURSELF are entertained by his disgusting behavior which is why you wanted him up there. And he paid y’all dust by answering every question with “Boonk Gang Shit.” LMAO. Can’t take you serious anymore. ✌🏾

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