T.I. Tells Xscape to Bail Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED] Interview, The Host Sounds Off



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  1. Nobody sitting at the table has a viable or credible entertainment career, not the video vixen, not the messy gay dude who fights women lol talking about professionalism, how about loyalty IT'S NO SECRET ABOUT TI, TINY AND MAYWEATHER, RESPECT TINY FOR BEING LOYAL TO HER HUSBAND AND NOT DOING THE INTERVIEW..JUST MAD!

  2. Wow that was unprofessional! If T.I. had a problem with Tiny being there she could have added a prerequisite to the interview that you guys can not ask questions about Tiny and Floyd's relationship. I thought Vince Herbert was Xscape's manager by the way.

  3. T.I need to sit his ass down he don't run shit, he wanna stick around because Xscape is doing good right now, if I was the Scott sisters I would've stayed and let Tiny and her Pimp leave.

  4. A blind man can see he’s controlling. Remember years ago on the Tiny & Toya show he controlled her moves from jail. She was supposed to go out and he got wind of it and shut it down. The sisters should’ve still did the interview.

  5. Advice: you shouldn't air the personal business situations. Deal with all this privately. It makes you guys look a little desperate and unprofessional. Next time the show must go on! Carry on as normal as if they never existed in the first place. Hope this advice helps

  6. whether they knew about Jason leaking the video is besides the point… they definitely knew Floyd was sponsoring the show and never should have agreed to do the interview if that was a problem. Jason your behavior towards Gio is starting to look ugly bruh… chillout!

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