Supreme Court agrees to review President Trump’s travel ban case

The justices announces they will take review the president’s travel ban case in October.

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  • love gorsuch love

  • FAKE NEWS!!!!!?

  • God may bless America and the whole world.

  • Was the left really so stupid to think they can get away with blocking something that is clearly constitutional?

  • kkb

    oh fuckface, admit it he won

  • Punisher 24 is one of 2 things. First, he might be a muslim….enough said. Second, he might be a twisted lefty (certainly not a liberal as true liberals are rare indeed and judging by the way he writes…definitely not a liberal!). So, twisted lefty or muslim? Either way, he is indeed lacking in discerning brain power as anyone with an ounce of grey matter would have discarded both of those identities to truly be able to evaluate the world around him and not use hateful language! (Typical of both groups).

  • Bombing their markets, hospitals, banks, schools, and hire them to translate. but not welcome to take as a refugee.
    stop interfering. stop attacking president Asad. let him kill his people as you don't respect as refugee.

  • found out my girl is pregnant today,,,,along with the effect on the travel ban,,,,,good news 360

  • So fuck the constitution right? Why don't we just throw it out, who needs civil right anyway. Anyone who supports this is not a patriot.

  • Trump! 😀

  • The spin on this is hilarious 😂

  • Lady Journalist looks like the seasoned Actress from Fifty Dates….. forget her name.

  • ABC is sooo disappointed that the Supreme Court actually believes in the Constitutional rights of the President.

  • Jajaja this must be a very difficult time to be a liberal fascist ajjaj you have officially become President Trumps Bitch ajjajaj

  • It is a major victory for protecting the citizens of the United States. ABC, you suck. You are so anti-Trump it makes me sick. ABC-Always Biased Coverage.

    They did not rule against Trump. In fact, they reversed in part the lower court decisions and will REVIEW the rest of it.

  • clear victory for trump. clear defeat for liberals and the liberal 9th circut. suck it

  • Boycott ABC and their sponsors.

  • Yay, Donald Trump is a loser. What's new?

  • October! Trump will be gone. Yay!


  • It is a major victory. We can still keep radical muslims out. We will have the ban and people will be investigated before they can come here.

  • He's going to fail again don't worry about it.

  • These people are like parade commentators . . . another partial victory for Trump.

  • nothing controversial there in 90 days travel ban is solid good for us

  • "Big Government: Please protect me from my fellow human beings. Pretty please….." – Cowardly Trumpflakes.

  • What to expect in the comment section:
    Trump supporters.
    Some retarded Trump Supporters.
    People who hate Muslims.
    Smart people.
    People who don't agree with the ban.

  • WOW, the supreme court just unanimously called all those liberal judges who ruled against Trump "FAKE JUDGES".

  • Winning! Hurray!

  • Borat- Great Success!

  • now we need a permanent ban of muslims

  • fuck Donald Trump

  • An illegally obtained office means an illegally obtained Supreme Court Justice….

  • Democracy must end. Democracy is based on consensus and consensus is usually not based on technical analysis. Consensus is based on common agreement which by the way is something that can be a complete mistake. Democracy used to be good when technical analysis was not possible or at least full of flaws. People mix up Individual Freedoms with a political system. Individual freedoms and a democratic political system are 2 different things. It's 100% possible having Individual Freedoms without living in a democratic political system which by the way is a very problematic and unreliable system. Somethings actually can be dicided by common agreement but many don't and should not. In modern world technical analysis and scientific methodology are much more suitable and reliable than a bunch of old men arguing in a political debate making decisions for political reasons, ideologies and selfishness. A board of scientists and technical personnel make way more sense in the 21st century than the current leaders. In a democratic political system any idiot with a microphone can lead a city, a state, a province or nation and making decisions with devastating consequences. The next revolution in politics must be the replacement of politicians by a meritocratic technical board of specialists.