Stephen Curry 2018 All-Star Captain | Best Highlights 2017-2018

Stephen Curry, Warriors (5th All-Star selection): The two-time Kia NBA MVP will be the first player in Warriors history to start five consecutive NBA All-Star Games.

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  1. and they said westbrick should be an all star starter lmao… yea curry played less games but still won more games while westbrick gets his triple doubles but barely a .500 team

  2. The thing to watch here is how Steph and KD feed each other. Unfortunately, most of what is great here you won't see in an All-Star game unless it's the Warriors All-Stars vs the rest of the league.

  3. This guy missed a whole month & still is an allstar Starter? The disrespect guys like Westbrook & Lillard get is unreal.

    They don’t have the LUXURY of sitting out a month & still being a top 2 seed.

    But y’all hate on Lonzo getting All Star votes even though he’s been in everyone’s mouth since October?

    #TheCurryBias continues

  4. I'm not a Curry fan by any means, but I got to give it up to him for his performance so far this season. Last year, I thought Westbrook deserved the start over him. This year, it's no competition.

  5. This is a trash highlight just a bunch of jumpshots and bullshit dancing go check out King James captain highlights he’s doing everything passing blocking dunking catching oops it’s beautiful to watch man ✨🏀

  6. Don't let this distract you from the fact that healthy Curry outscored LeBron, Kyrie, and Love combined on January 2016 on their home court

  7. I dont like it when brainless fans say Steph can’t win MVP, do they realize HE IS AVERAGING 28 POINTS PER GAME AND DOING IT on an all time great efficiency with 4 ALL-STARS playing only 32 MINS, being top 4 in PER, leading the NBA in +/- and TS%, STOP DISRESPECTING THE 2ND GREATEST PG OF ALL TIME

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