Stephen A. Smith Talks Lakers After The NBA Draft | Final Take | First Take | June 23, 2017

In his final take, Stephen A. Smith talks the Los Angeles Lakers after the 2017 NBA Draft.

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  • Jerry West bad mouthing another father parenting skills when that said father has 3 boys who love their father is out of bounds….What about Jerry West as a father who in 1976 left 3 boys and their mother for another woman….and Jerry has the audacity to question Lavar's parenting…


  • Are you part of BBB brand Stephan A ?

  • 30 second commercial for a two minute video

  • I love that we suck bad but we are still talked about a ton lolol. Go lakers!

  • i dont think lakers should trade for PG, just wait and get him for free

  • So, with all that stuff he just said…what the hell is Steven A. talking about? Is it that Magic should be working to make L.A. a contender, again? Duh! He is! The dude just made a controversial move, be trading away one of L.A.'s better young talent, for a salary dump. He offered the Pacers a deal that was good, considering that he didn't need to offer one at all. I guess Steven A. won't be happy till the Lakers trade away all their entire future, for a star player. Yeah, cause that's the way to build a team. I like Steven A., but sometimes he be on that dumb shit.

  • Call me when the Clippers get 16 championships.
    No way LA is turning to the Clippers.

  • had lonzo for one night and we already the talk of the league right now.. great shit magic

  • Lebron , pg, lonzo , Lopez , randle , championship

  • hella Bars

  • Stfu the Cilppers ass

  • What if the lakers trade for porzingus. That would be a good piece to their team I think.


  • If George comes to LA
    along with LBJ (possible)
    Jerry West is a master of developing winners

  • Why tf does Stephen a look like a frog standing up

  • NOOOWWWWW!!!! .. …. not later ! lol

  • he called lamar odom a crack head! 😡


  • Y'all putting so much on his shoulders if he bust this shit will be a disaster…..

  • Lakers are rising to dominate soon again, PG13 in 2018!

  • Stephen A. telling Magic to recognize? ahhahaha Stephen A Smith needs to get laid. Motherfucker is always Mad and shit

  • Hear we go again there you go saying stuff we all ready goon do and have been doing

  • gotta build this team around Lonzo unless we get paul

  • Hart and huzma will make good players in the future

  • why is everyone so hyped about lanzo ball?

  • I'm tired of seeing stuff about the lakers Lonzo could be good could be a bust only time will tell ,they still not making the playoffs 2k18 bucks year

  • it sucks how Lonzo hasn't done anything bad, but people just hate him cause of his dad

  • Stephen A. thinks building a team is signing the biggest name. According to his logic, a team like the Bucks, should trade all of their young talent for Carmelo. Oh wait, a team already did that…the Knicks (how'd that work out).

  • BG and CP3 are opting out LMFAOO

  • Okayyy

  • idk why espn is paying this fool to say nonsense things. He is an idiot. How are knicks and clippers are in better situation then lakers?

  • cp3 and Blake saw this and said "oh we haven't made any moves yet" hold my beer. both now opt out of there contracts

  • Blake Griffin and CP3 have left the Clippers and are now free agents! hahahahahahaha

  • D-Lo = nick VANEXEL/ brandon Jennings

  • Lonzo gonna blaze past D.Lo on the court. Can't wait.

  • 3 hours after this, CP3 and Blake opted out of their contracts….. Lakers are in a better position.

  • Lavar "The Prophet" Ball

  • What Stephen A is forgetting about the Clippers is that THEYRE THE CLIPPERS. They're cursed, never to pass the 2nd round

  • But how long are the clippers going to be good?

  • lol its all lining up jerry west back to lakers

  • Stephen don't know sh about how2 be a real fan

  • can't wait for 2k18

  • When's Stephen A's new rap album coming out.. Dude's spitting fire right here

  • No disrespect to Jerry West but he's in LA only to retire. Blake and Paul will be gone in a few weeks. Clippers will go back to being the Clippers very shortly. LAL on the come up.

  • Stephen A. Smith, while you can not speak the Knicks rise into existence, leave Lavar to do it for Lakers, all right?

    You got enough headache to worry about with Phill Jackson and the mess happening over at your team to be drinking aspirin for another man's headache.

  • would y'all just take a damn break from talking about the Lakers and Knicks?