Stephen A. Smith Says Markelle Fultz A Fit For 76ers | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith breaks down how the addition of Markelle Fultz to the Philadelphia 76ers will affect Ben Simmons.

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  • Fultz's game reminds me of DWade more than anybody else (from watching highlites)

  • PHI Future Lineup
    PG – Markelle Fultz
    SG – Robert Covington
    SF – Ben Simmons
    PF – Dario Saric
    C – Joel Embiid

    Pure flames

  • I'm a Knicks fan through & through but i like what philly is doing. With all that backlash & scrutiny this team went through everything looks like its coming full circle. They're going to be pretty good soon enough, smh i hope my team gets their act together we've been a shit show for way to long ugh

  • Ben simmons is going to be a bust just wait

  • Terrible trade for the Celtics if The Lakers select Josh Jackson in the draft. Just imagine that

  • lol Simmons can't play pg at 6'10, he'll be a point foward

  • fultz, simmons, emmbid, oakafor, and Connell. just get a strong bench and in 2-3 years they will be unstoppable.
    but, boston would have: Thomas, Hartford, Jackson, butler and Bradley what! too many super teams lol
    ive been saying this for years that philly smart for stacking.

  • Honestly as a lakers fan, we probably won't make playoffs for another year or two. 76ers will this year. My reason for that is cause their in the east and lakers are in the west where it's harder to make it

  • Lakers vs 76ers? In the finals in the future?

  • Smart trade for both teams. It made zero sense for the Celtics to draft Fultz, but 100% for the 76ers

  • the trio of fultz, simmons and embiid would surely be interesting to watch though.

  • I love it!!! Not even a Sixers fan but I love Fultz game and Ben Simmons is the next Superstar

  • cats is trying to make big 3s to compete with super teams lol

  • Man the Celtics are fucking dumb 😭😭

  • Lol SAS is such a clown, now Fultz is a fit but literally two days ago, he said the Sixers were going to take Jackson #1. Stfu

  • All you dickeaters please don't jump on this Sixers wagon now … thanks

  • Our bench alone would smash most NBA teams you saw what happened after Embiid got hurt! Lights out once we get a few more Snippers !!

  • Embid-Fultz-Simmons the new BIG 3 my goodness Philly bout to be Lit..The Big 3 set the Role-Partzz set only Health is now questionable

  • 76 ers will remain brutal, Stephen don't know talent

  • What’s stopping the lakers from taking fultz at 2 now?

  • Markelle is a hustler Philly will raise hell if they Draft him and another Gem like Josh Hart

  • If this Sixers team can stay healthy they will have a very bright future.

  • Great trade for the Celtics. Potentially getting Jimmy B, maybe Blake. Not to mention the draft and stash players we have developing who are looking NBA ready. Excited for the future.

  • I feel like this kid is gonna be another star in this league. May only be offensively but I feel like he has all the natural instincts and won the genetic lottery with effortless agility and maneuverability. Good size, already a good ball handler and only going to get better IMO, Good shot, Good leaping ability, Fearless against the lane, and good finisher around the rim albeit against college defenders, but I think he'll adjust just fine in his rookie season. That is if he goes to a team who is not so great and can afford to play a rookie big minutes all season long to maximize growth.

  • bruh thank you sixers! i been crying like a lil bitch since a.i. originally left

  • PG Simmons
    SG Fultz
    SF Covington
    PF Okafor
    C Embiid

  • Will Embiid and Simmons stay healthy, though? We'll see.

  • this year everybody talking about Lonzo Ball but yall forgot about this kid named BEN Simmons huh? I personaly think that he is a much much better player then Lonzo. if he stays healthy and live up to his hype, and Fults and Embid, 76ers lookin good!!!

  • it's gonna be really fucking annoying when everyone comes over to our team and act like they been fans of the sixers they whole life, then people gonna have the nerve to call me a bandwagon, get ready Philly fans cos it's coming

  • J J

    looks like 6ers & Celtics are going to be dominating the east for a while! Give Philadelphia another year & 2 more lottery picks next year & it's a wrap folks!

  • I would imagine so they need a young point guard and if Ben Simmons can develop his jumpshot in the next 2-4 years this can be a great team a great turn around for Phili.

  • Finally, Brett Brown is gonna have a real NBA caliber starting lineup to work with. I think he's a much better coach than his record would indicate.

  • Y'all 76er fans enjoy this hype while it lasts

  • Steven A is a coon

  • we're going to be a great team in the future 6 seed in this year playoffs #TrustTheProcess #PhillyStandUp 🔴⚪🔵

  • a great fit for the 76rs

  • Yeah it's a perfect fit, his team went 9-22 so he's used to losing….

  • As a Celtic fan I hope the 76ers take Ball. Just to Fuck Lavar and the Lakers lol. Lavar would be so mad

  • the 76ers are a shit team and are going to continue to be a shit team for the rest of eternity.

  • Embiid and Simmons will be busts (too injury prone)
    Markelle is a superstar tho

  • Plus lowry this offseason free agency lmao ppl forgetting damn

  • Nah nah Stephen A, don't be talking about Brian Colagalo, all of this credit goes to Sam Hinkie

  • He must not be that good if Boston didn't feel he was a must have.

  • Without Hinkie none of this is possible. Give that man some credit instead of letting Colangelo inherit the glory that he left behind.

  • Ben Simmons is said to be over 7" now lol SAS is not up to date

  • Markel Fultz to Philly
    Lonzo Ball to LA
    Jayson Tatum to Boston

  • how much cap space does Philly have? who are possible free agent targets?

  • officially a sixers fan

  • are the celtics stupid they got finnessed hard as fuck for this draft pick