Stephen A. Smith Says Lakers Shouldn’t Pass On Lonzo Ball | First Take | June 14, 2017

Stephen A. Smith says as of today the Los Angeles Lakers shouldn’t pass on top NBA Draft prospect Lonzo Ball.

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  1. I think the only reason Lakers are gonna work out Fultz is because the Celtics are now probably considering Josh Jackson as their number #1 pick. So now Lakers also have to look at Fultz and make a decision between him and Lonzo. Fox should just be ignored. He's a point guard with a low 3pt percentage. Everyone knows that for the past 3-4 years , a starting point guard needs to be able to shoot the 3 in the NBA. He had all the time in the world to work on it yet he sucks at it.It could either be that he's just not gonna be good at outside shooting (hopeless) or he's not that smart enough to know that he's gonna need one.

  2. I really think Ball should stay away from L.A. honestly he needs to start on a team with lesser distractions. Why not Sixers or Kings he needs to be far away from his dad as possible

  3. Lonzo is a special player that has a bright future. For now I'd pass on him to the Lakers. Lakers need players with experience if they want to get back into the playoffs. Lonzo should start somewhere else and then if all goes well with a year or two or three of experience, he could be the one.

  4. I really hope that the lakers pass on ball and that the Kings trade their no 5 and no 10 pick to the 76ers for their no 3 pick and he ends up with the Kings because it would serve him and his dad right for talking so much shit

  5. If your the Lakers and you want Lonzo

    you put out reports he aint that good so Boston takes Fox/Jackson first (this is so obvious its insulting people would fall for it)

    if your the Lakers and you want Fox/Jackson

    you put out reports Lonzo is the best thing since Magic so Boston take Lonzo first leaving you with Fox/jackson

    What makes it that much easier is that Lonzo doesnt work out for any other team so you have the only "report" on the guy. and you encourage Lonzo's Management to keep it this way.

  6. Who the hell looked at Dangelo and said he's one of the best passers in "years and years"… he's a score first PG, and players like Wall, Draymond, MCW, Giannis(don't even get me started with Simmons) are far better passers

  7. Max actually said deangelo was one of the best passing guards we've seen in years? Just because he makes some flashy passes doesn't mean he was an elite passer. Russell is a score first guard, always has been. Lonzo shot 55 percent from the field (compared to deangelos 45 in college) and averaged 2.5 more assists per a game. Max just has a persuasive voice, but no logic running through that brain of his

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