Stephen A. Smith Says Lakers May Look At Josh Jackson Instead Of Lonzo Ball | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith breaks down if the Lakers have turned their attention to Josh Jackson instead of Lonzo Ball, but sees it hard for Magic to pass on Ball.

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  • Take Lonzo please. They need him more!! A fucking leader.

  • "The ability to play above the RING" man get his grandfather ass off air already

  • I don't see lakers end up with josh jackson because they already got brandon ingram, all these rumors flying around are just stories made each every year in this sport industry to keep audience stick to them during off-season. Lakers will pick up lonzo ball in the end.

  • They better get fox

  • Hard to believe that they will get Josh Jackson when they said they are willing to move everybody except Brandon Ingram.

  • Why would Lakers get Jackson if they just drafted a guy in Ingram? Makes no sense. Lonzo is a pass first and they can move Russell to SG where he's more natural.

  • Fultz not available pick josh Jackson magic

  • Smoke screens they want that Lonzo dick

  • bs they're trying to get the celtics to trade for a 2. everybody knows lakers are taking ball they don't want jackson

  • I thought Lakers planned to get Paul George at free agency, so why draft more for that position? Wouldn't Lonzo help attract players like a Paul George?

  • why did this turn into an hiv conspiracy comment section

  • kidd could defend, Lonzo?

  • Boston wouldn't have made this trade if they didn't know that LA would take Lonzo

  • If the Lakers take Jackson at 2 that would really shake up the Draft Board, because Celtics traded their #1 pick to avoid drafting a guard, so Lonzo might go #4 to Phoenix.

  • Dennis smith jr 😌 I hope the lakers notice his talent and explosiveness the kid is tough we've never had that in a pg

  • S N

    Who are you kidding, Lonzo the cash prize and talent the Lakers are going for

  • #ɟaىɷŋkɩɖɖ ɧa.. 😌😌😌😌

  • Don't know why LA would trade for #1. PHI is taking Foltz so Jackson is there at #2.

  • That would be hilarious. Celtics trade down to the #3 for Jackson, so, the Lakers take him to give Boston the finger.

  • Josh Jackson looks like he's 35

  • Boston is so damn smart😂, they gonna probably be the first seed again with another draft pick next year in the first round SMH 😭

  • jason kidd is an obsolete player in todays game. why keep bringing up a slow, stats-padder….and then calling him desirable?

  • hey mac, you forgetting Tatum to Celtics & Fox to Suns. & yeah Ball to Kings

  • Looks like he didn't shave properly, LOL. Stick to the Gillete Mach 6


  • Nothing he just said makes any sense.  "You would have to take him because he is box office"  If he can't play who gives a fuck about that?  You take the best player available regardless of anything else.  Any GM can get away with it.  Your job is to take the best guy.  Not the guy the media or fans say you should take..

  • Stop just wait till Thursday. All this drama is irrelevant because it's based on what he said

  • Who cares? Most of these guys will be average.

  • Celtics should keep this pick and draft Jackson. Trade Thomas and some picks for butler. Trade all the picks they can and maybe Bradley or smart for Davis. So the starting lineup for the season would be PG-butler SG-Brown/Bradley SF-Jackson/brown PF-Davis C-horford

  • Who the hell is stephen a smith

  • I'm a Lakers fan…no1 is above the purple and gold…not even magic….magic doesn't get a pass….sas, that's the thinking that got ur Knicks phil….every1 is held accountable now…play time is over

  • Take lonzo Ball because it appears Paul George WILL leave Pacers in 2018 for most likely the Lakers. They can't draft jackson ( a SF) if PG13 is best at the SF position.

  • Jackson got some vinegar in his game alot these cats play soft to me..

  • what I dont get is Russell avg 13 points his rookie season they call him a bust Ingram avg 9 this is a Superstar dont get me wrong two of them will be stars but coming man n nick young wanted Russell to record him cuz he didnt wan Iggy he is inlove with he highschool Gf

  • Josh Jackson is the truth

  • This is a smokescreen. The Lakers are taking Ball and everyone knows it. If anyone thinks the Boston/6ers trade was for anyone other than Fultz and Jackson, they're wrong.

  • lucky for Phoenix suns if they get ball. and more years to rebuilt again for our franchise Lakers!
    i can feel that this is the biggest mistake we made. Hope not!!

  • Stephen A smith ain't no reported, hes a gossip queen

  • Lakers promised Jackson that they would draft him. If the Lakers break the promise. Then he will come at them at full force, on the team that drafts him

  • Stephen A is spot on with this one #InMagicWeTrust

  • Good. Then Celtics can take Tatum the next Paul Pierce. And we can watch Lonzo fall down the board.

  • Lonzo Polo overrated!

  • man somebody get my mans a pillow

  • Jackson is a head case…he didn't act up at Kansas because they were winning and Bill Self owns that program with an iron fist …put Jackson on the Lakers , with a laid back players coach like L.Walton, and if they don't win, he'll be a cancer in the locker room. and despite his anger management therapy, he still hangs out with hood rats…you give a young kid like that, with big character issues guaranteed millions, you could have real problems..i'd pass on him if i'm the Lakers..

  • His reasoning about Magic getting benefit of the doubt is stupid. Magic may have been a great player but that doesn’t make him a great executive. SAS knows better than anyone else that Phil Jackson is a horrible executive, despite his excellent resume as a coach. He doesn’t get any benefit of the doubt.

  • I want lonzo to go to Phoenix though him and booker would be a great duo