Stephen A. Smith Says Knicks Players More Important Than Phil Jackson | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith explains how efforts to buy out Carmelo Anthony and potentially trade Kristaps Porzingis forced James Dolan and Phil Jackson to part ways.

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  • now the knicks have to find someone like phil to continue the knicks legacy for the next 20 years.

  • Melo please come to cavs

  • The Knicks can not do anything right. Other than draft Porzingis nothing but failure.

  • The whole city of New York should throw a party right now

    Phill Jackson will not be missed!

  • Phil Jackson just parted ways!

  • Damn Phil Jackson, you don't wanna give SAS a day off huh

  • SAS must be having a party

  • A P

    For reals though, Knicks offense last year was actually pretty good. It was their defense that was problematic. If Knicks can get a solid defensive player and solid Defense Coordinator (NOT KURT RAMBIS. HE SHOULD GO AWAY WITH PHIL. In fact all of Phil's close associates should be removed), Knicks will have a better chance to be in the Playoffs next season.

  • Dolan is angry with Phil because he was unable to get LaVar Ball on their roster.

  • stephen aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Everyone keeps saying "melo doesn't wanna win" or "melo sucks" mind you the man was doing everything he could to win before Phil got there…It's not that he doesn't wanna play for the knicks, he doesn't wanna play in that outdated ass Trishit offense. He has now two young stars to play on his side, now it's time for NEW YORK TO SHINE !!! Just wait on it

  • We all know SAS threw a party as soon as he heard the news, but then had to chill to talk about it with ESPN 😅

  • Phil the "Zen Master" Jackson turned into a dumbass after leaving the Lakers

  • Lavar ball new coach newyork

  • Phil Jackson was horrible but The main problem is James Dolan, as a laker fan I knew we would go nowhere until him buss was gone and him buss is 10 times better then dozen.

  • Now that Phil is no longer the GM, Stephen Ahole Smith better find another scapegoat for his sorry ass Knicks.

  • Dammit finally got rid of that Bermuda 🗾..So now We got 3-6 Latvia holdin the Paint..We got Melo securing the 3 spot.. We got a French ngg coming in..Hornacek is going to boost the offense while Phil is gone. he prolly Bringing back those old-skool Utah Jazz offense with a new twist. But Noah has to go he's Old & Slow get rid of him Seek out J. J. Reddick for that 2 spot..Let Lee come off the bench. Maybe Rose also has to go..he's too injury prone. Let the FrenchMan handle PG duties. Fresh Start!

  • at the end of the day PJ has 11 rings as a coach and 2 as a player whilst carmelo will retire ringless


  • next step: dont resign derrick rose…

  • no matter what knicks do, they will always suck balls as long as that overrated ballstopper melo is still in their organization.

  • After the firing, Melo remains. So, the Knicks did not improve. Still have an old man who can't play defense anymore, can't dunk anymore, and need to hold the ball for 24 seconds per possession.

  • u kno SAS was gonna come off vacation to talk bout this. he sing kumbaiya n gonna b having a real vacation(party) after this news

  • well Holy Shit Batman

  • Jim Dolan does not like the idea of buying out Carmelo Anthony's contract Now let the Knicks get back to business let Carmelo Anthony lead the Knicks to glory days which is losing losing losing and more losing the Knicks loves to keep trash that is why they are trash Carmelo Anthony is a loser.

  • stephen a smith is friends with melo what he forgets to mention is they gn stink picking in drafts once again.

  • Phil logic: I don't trade anything I put on the block.

  • I hate Carmelo. I hate watching the Knicks what a disgrace.

  • Knicks 3rd seed next season calling it

  • Also knicks fans are arrogant and don't understand basketball because the draft is in New York every freaking year.

  • The fact that the Knicks suck just feels right.

  • the Knicks havent had a rebuild for at least a decade, compared to other teams. Phil's tenured history is becoming venomous for the near future

  • Stephen A, I have always been a supporter of yours, but I have come to conclusion, You're an IDIOT , plain and simple simple. Phil Jackson is not the Knicks problem

  • Steven a smith get the fuck of Melos nuts. Guys not a winner. Fat fuck to busy plowing strippers. Head isn't on basketball.

  • i think Frank gonna work out in NY but Phil def had to go

  • Melo and Kristaps have better chemistry than Melo and his wife

  • Players are more important than the coaching staff and FO on every team….except the Spurs.

  • I'm not even going to try to understand the intricate fucked up mess that is the NY Knicks franchise… that being said, it's always fun to listen to Stephen A. Smith weave another ridiculous comment about anything sports related. He arguably is the worst sports commentator on the planet. ESPN has gone downhill the last few years, and part of it is due to his rambling idiotic commentaries.

  • dolan finally pulled his head outta his azz…..great about fukin time…… if only dolan would sell the team then all knicks fans could truly rejoice………

  • I hope Melo does stay. I'm tired of watching good players being either traded to contenders or run out of town.

  • Steven A. Smith – for years I have heard you run your mouth about all things "sports." While you are often a good source of information, it is obvious that you enjoy getting to run your mouth and criticize people… more than most other talking heads. It is difficult for me to tell you this, but; if you were as intelligent about basketball as you profess to be… then you should have seen this coming for several years.

    You are not only upset that Dolan has to pay Jackson all that money to leave your beloved Knicks… you are completely on tilt because you knew that Jackson couldn't build a team to compete in the new era of NBA basketball, and; that Jeremy Lin was the best thing that has happened to New York Knick basketball since Patrick Ewing.

    Sorry, brother.

  • Catch habit related something thank earn bedroom suspect alternative parent stone.

  • But All the players are trash 😕

  • So when the Knicks win 25 games this season coming up? What is the excuse going to be?😂😂😂 #KnicksIsTRASHRegardless👎

  • "the money" that's why he would stay….

  • Nigga what!!!???