Stephen A. Smith Says Carmelo Anthony Willing To Accept Buyout To Go To Cavs | Mike & Mike | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith says that New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony may be willing to accept a buyout to go to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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  • L3/8ron

  • Lamar Odom who was on CRACK

  • For people who didn't watch the 2000-2002 Finals

    The lakers were Shaq's team. He was the best player in league by far.
    Shaq >>>>>>>>kobe

    Shaq carried kobe.
    2000 finals
    Shaq: 38ppg/16.7reb/2.7blk/.611fg%
    kobe: 15ppg/4reb/4ast/.360fg% and missed a game

    -Shaq FMVP 1 kobe 0
    -Also won the Regular season MVP (one vote short becoming unanimous MVP)
    -Phil Jackson told Shaq "MVP Trophy should be named after him when he retired" to challenge him.

    2001 Finals
    Shaq: 33ppg/15.8reb/3.4blk/.573fg%
    kobe: 24ppg/6reb/5ast/.410fg%

    -Shaq FMVP 2 kobe 0

    2002 Finals
    Shaq: 36.3ppg/12.3reb/2.8blk/.599fg%
    kobe: 26ppg /5reb/5ast/.510fg%

    -Shaq FMVP 3 kobe 0

    -Shaq got all the FMvps. Was always doubled and triple team. He was clearly the best player.
    -Finals Stats >>> Playoff stats And Three Straight Finals Shaq had much better stats.

    -Shaq nearly made it to the playoff his rookie year (missed it because a tie breaker with Indiana). Next Year made it his second year.
    -Shaq beat MJ The Goat in 1995 (third year in the year league) and went to the Finals.

    -kobe in his Prime didn't make the playoff 2005, Lost in the First Round Twice 2006/2007. Shaq won the Title with Dwade 2006.
    -In 2007, Shaq ask kobe "Tell me how my ass taste". kobe cried to Steven A. Smith to be traded from the lakers.
    -Only until Hall Famer Pau Gasol (one of the best PF in the league) joined the Lakers, Andrew Bryumn became a Allstar Starting Center and had Ariza/Ron Atrest. kobe past the 1st round.

    Shaq >>>>>>>>>>> kobrick
    3 FMvps >>>>>>>> 2 FMvps

    -Plus, kobe was charged with Sexual Assault (Rape). He try to snitch on Shaq to avoid getting arrested.

    kobe = De'angleo Russell.

    *Feel Free to Copy and paste.

  • SAS is full of shit. Melo ain't going nowhere. Dolan ain't buying out Melo for $54 million or anywhere close to it. Melo wants to be in NYK and ain't going nowhere

  • Fuck a buyout he got a player option for next year decline that shit and leave cause we gave up everything to get u. At least put ur no clause out & give us something back for you u greedy mf

  • The Cavs aren't good enough to beat the Warriors with Melo.

  • LeBron would have to play as PF considering Carmelo is a Small Forward, also the Cavs need to get rid of Love, Korver, Shumpert, Tristan Thompson, Deron Williams because they're TRASH and basically overpaid bums!

  • Carmelo would become the new KD then getting drugged on social media

  • So bASICALLY melo is holding the knicks HOSTAGE
    because he is so BAD
    he is not going to no trade clause and will not take less money to be bought out.
    IF i was the knick i would just Bench this dude till HE wants to be traded.
    SHITT beep this melo guy. seriously.

  • really?wow!wowowowoowooowoiwowoowoioowwoow!!!!!,!,


  • All I know Melo will not score 6 points in a Game 5 of the NBA Finals like Kevin Love. I am not trashing Love by any means, he just doesn't fit in that system with Lebron and Kyrie dominating the ball. I'll take Love on my Knicks though, we'll just switch KP to the 5 and put Love at the 4.

  • No one wants Kevin Love even if they want to trade for Kevin Love. This is not a good trade or move for Cavs if they accept Carmelo

  • Why should the Knicks do that? What would the Knicks get out of that?
    This helps Melo but doesn't help the Knicks, which is why Phil was fired, for that bad idea.
    The Knicks got rid of Phil., so Melo won that battle. He can't have it both ways.

  • Just a question but does Melo get a pass to ring chase?

  • love the guy but he really is a cancer

  • Mello going to the dubs

  • I'll burn my melo jersey if he joins the cavs

  • Tim

    melo has also made it very clear he cares more about $

  • Why does this keep becoming a subject? The Cavs don't want, or need an old/degraded player like Melo in Cleveland. They'll need to make a lot of cap space for him and he always plays hero-ball. Stay in New York and retire without a ring.

  • This would only happen if the cavs are willing to get rid of Frye, korver, RJ, and maybe their rookie Felder. They would be willing to offer carmelo around 20 million if Lebron james decides to take a 3 million dollar paycut from his 33 million.

  • Cleveland should Tristan 17M and shumpert 10M to knicks for Carmelo 26M. Put Love at the 5 and melo at the 4. Or trade Love for a good athletic center like a Deandre Jordan maybe. Then you have
    Kyrie, LBJ, Melo, Jordan as a core 4 vs curry, klay, KD, draymond

  • These niggas got unlimited cap on me

  • Leaked sources lol

  • The DJ your right, The man is thew leader of the household. When he is not the family and children may suffer. Look at the women led black families and how we have suffered because of the lost identity and lack of responsibility because of the foundation that was in place has many cracks and holes in it because of the hoe's and cracks that are exposed because of money. Remove the men and the family, the structure, the economics, and the emotional balance is removed. Women hold a major responsibility when it comes to balance but have been taught to be the beguiling head and not the tail by the very people who legally kept us as bondsmen and bondswomen. The structure is simple Know God and his order for Israel. The order- Most High, Yeshuah, Man, and Woman.
    Most of all women learn to have patience and emotional balance which means to keep your selfish and prideful ways to yourself until you may be cleansed of them through repentance. AKA- keep your mouth shut..dont be disrespectful, loud and unsupportive to your man. These are the reasons why the single life will be your national anthem. With that being said, Men follow Yeshua, he is your guide, not the woman, never follow the woman, she will be your undoing, she must follow you, and if she is unwilling, then move on until you find the one that will. The one that will, Is your wife. The man that finds a wife finds a good thing. Every woman is not a wife, some just want the title or the money, or an escape, either way, you cannot save this person, this person has to find a mentor to guide her to be a wife first in order for her to be even close to becoming your wife. What is love? Love is following GOD, his laws and his order. When you do these things, you will be rewarded. Shalom

  • So Phil is already gone and the Knicks still has the same issue? dafuq?

  • Just come to Cleveland already

  • Melo is Pussy Whooped so where she goes he goes

  • Cleeeeveeeland

  • I taught Stephen A. was on vacation? I guess they are working him!

  • Didn't Stephen A Coon just say that he would accept a buyout to go to Houston?

  • This is what separates Stephen A from all the other people that do what he does. Stephen A hears a rumor, he breaks it. If it's right, he looks like a genius, but a lot of times shit he says never happens. Everyone else waits patiently until they know it's not just a rumor, but it's factual, THEN they break it.

    Carmelo to LA
    Carmelo to Cleveland
    Carmelo to Boston
    Carmelo to Houston
    Carmelo to Cleveland again

  • Carmelo is fucking up his own career by staying in NYC.

  • Melo join your boys Swish and…..

  • didn't Stephen say less than 24 hrs ago that melo would go to Houston after a buyout. the NBA off season is crazy, but I don't think his "expert" reporting is better than many people sitting at home

  • lebron be needing every body lol…
    how is his legacy gonna look? when hes gonna play with every all star out east' weak

  • Carmelo Anthony's on the cavaliers would be problems idc what nobody says James jr smith k love Thompson ya crazy

  • We welcome you with open arms Melo!

  • everybody want melo to go to the cavs to help lebron 😂

  • Lol tbh I just want my guy Melo to win a ring

  • Melo gotta come off the bench, if he goes to the Cavs.

  • Everyone who hates the caves or warriors like this comment, you can thank KD for the super team era

  • I wanna see Denver Carmelo

  • Only 2 ways Melo leaves , a full buyout or when current contract runs out,………………….melo AINT leaving willingly

  • Melo's a bum. Just retire.

  • Knicks should not buy-out Carmelo, let him (Anthony) stink here in NY since he just wanted his money and to be know the "STAR" of the Knicks which he is not.

  • As a franchise, the Knicks should remain steadfast in the approach they are taking. If you can't get compensation for him, then you test his patience. No sense in paying him all his money to go play somewhere else. The buyout amount should be extremely small on the Knicks part to save face. On Carmelo's side, he is absolutely right to try and get every penny he can on his way out. This will be fun to watch play out from a fan perspective.

  • Melo had better days with Nuggets then as a Knick!

  • lb needs so much help

    LeBron jus retire dude u ain't winning a mvp or ring

  • melo ain't the same yall. Stop da bullshit