Stephen A. Smith Rants On Phil Jackson’s 2017 NBA Draft | First Take | June 23, 2017

Stephen A. Smith rants about Knicks’ Phil Jackson and his performance in the 2017 NBA Draft.

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  1. I believe Phil doesn't want to loose.. I also don't think this Knicks downfall is on him, its all on Carmelo Anthony in my opinion. Melo is & always been a bad a__ player but he lacks leadership & tends to hogball. That with not letting Porzingas lead the team 100% or pushing porzingas to be the leader makes the team not so great.

  2. I think this is an unexpected pick. but an extremely solid pick. if he sits behinds Derek rose, and we keep Holliday and lee, with Carmelo and porzingiz we have a solid squad. we just need a couple solid forward to defend and hit the boards and we are ok

  3. Fuck Stephen Ass Smith. You rant anything you want about Phil. Why brought Lamar Odom"s past or problem into this? The man is trying to rehab, and get better. It is uncall for.

  4. How is Stephen A Smith saying "he isn't any bigger than Adam Silver" bruh Adam Silver is tall, he looks like a bean sprout but still dude is tall. 6'5 for a PG is solid, above average actually

  5. this segment alone shows how stupid and shallow this show is. My God every sentence these guys spew out is so moronic and personally biased how do you people watch this??

  6. this reminds me of when KP got drafted. They should lay off Phil and keep that spotlight on the real dude ruining that franchise, Dolan. On draft night he was butchering jazz music.

  7. did any one else watch the highlight tape on that other pick from Serbia. The dude is quick and explosive, needs to add muscle but I saw the same flashes as a raw talented young Steph curry. Deep 3's with the quick step back and he is a dunker and can drive some to the hoop, Passes and plays defense and rebounds, he does it all. Yeah it was against different level of talent but it looks promising!

  8. This is why I can't stand Stephen A at times. Regardless of poor decisions Phil Jackson has made, he was a coach for over 20 years, whereas Stephen A is a fucking sports journalist and commentator. Jackson has won 11 championships.. I'm not even a Knicks fan and I respect the guy. This is the same exact thing Stephen A said regarding Porzingis, and now look at KP.

  9. All this BS & SAS Knick is BS!!!!!  For 25 years the problem is DOLAN!!!  Guitar Jimmy has run this team into the ground!!!  This team, like the Rangers,  is his little toy!!!!!!   He doesn't give a shit as long as he has courtside seats!!!!  A little boy with a toy.  A little boy that had his Brown-Shirts assault Oakley, a real Knick!!!

  10. Phil was trying to fix the knicks.retard. he was going to get rid of the ball hog and sign the savoir to a max deal but that retarded owner fired him and gave tim hardaway jr 17 mill a year.

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