Stephen A. Smith Rants On Phil Jackson’s 2017 NBA Draft | First Take | June 23, 2017

Stephen A. Smith rants about Knicks’ Phil Jackson and his performance in the 2017 NBA Draft.

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  • I think stephen a smith didn't learn his lesson with Porzinguis

  • Stfu Stephen the man haven't even play a single game and u haven't even see him play dnt be like last year bashing porzingis

  • Frank Ntilikina will be a decent player, but not a superstar

  • If only Philly drafted Porzingis and Knicks drafted Okafor…. Embiid, Porzingis, Simmons, Fultz

  • Las Angeles Cripples

  • Max looks like he woke up with a raging hangover.

  • Phil Jackson greatest gm. Knicks will win championship next season

  • whats worse being a knicks fan or a bulls fan

  • So much better when these guys stick to sports!

  • I mean I hate Phil and all but can we really trust Stephen A on draft prospect, we do know his track record after all

  • I couldn't agree more

  • can some one talk about jordan bell, that was a steal

  • Stephen Smith is one RACIST NIGGAR….PERIOD…..

  • I just feel sorry for Knick fans. How the hell Phil Jackson is still running the Knicks? He is a joke, a retard, a man who doesn't know how to run a great franchise. Phil Jackson, it's time to step down from the New York Knicks.

  • I lost respect for Stephen A for always downgrading international players

  • people complaining about this being a triangle pick, lol. This isnt a triangle pick any more than it is a new era pick. the kid is 6'6 with a 7ft wingspan and potential to be a do everything player who can defend and run the pnr when phil is gone. Smith is very good but he is another 6'3 combo guard.

    what are the knicks supposed to be rushing towards, mediocrity? sure smith is safer today, but winning games today aint going to help tomorrow. Frank could be like winning the lottery if he pops. Not saying I would necessarily pick him over smith but I would damn sure look for every reason to do so.

    Like the knicks dont have time lol. Same people griping that were griping over the porzingis pick. Other complaints i can get but solid pick.

    bottom line, that team needs to get rid of carmelo, for the best interest of both sides and move what they can for picks.

  • Can anyone start a petition to fire Phil in New york!!?? Its getting worst each year

  • meanwhile nobody can stop the warriors! go curry! #WarriorsDynasty

  • Ntilikina has a first step like MJ and arms like a fucking Condor. Phil knows what he's doing you assholes

  • Chill Stephen

  • More upside than a teenage 6'4 guard with a 7'1 wingspan?.. French Freak?

  • Bienvenue au Etats-Unis mon gars Lmaoo

  • Stephen smith is th eman,he just speaks his mind need more like that,keeps it clean and just says it how it is.

  • Durant joined a bunch of Drafted players and RUINED the NBA? Lebron took super stars AWAY from their team..
    – Took Bosh away from Toronto
    – Took Himself away from Cleveland
    – Took Ray Allen away from Boston
    – Took Love away from Minnesota
    – Took Himself Away from Miami
    – Took Korver away from Atlanta
    – Took THREE STARTERS from NYKs
    Not only did he make a super team, he took players away from the teams all around the NBA.. He's 100x worse than Durant just joining the Warriors, OKC is still fine with Westbrook.

    Cavs in 7.

  • This is problem in the country, idiots waste time watching dumb-ass ESPN S**Theads get angry at a billionaire BOZO PHIL JERK on picking up some F***Kin one talent ball player for a billionaire's team who does not care about anything other than using millions from the city to entertain himself and make stadiums and waste land, meanwhile in every city people are going broke, homeless among young is highest, no one can afford rent, men and women with a brain and educated degree that are more valuable all THESE BASKETBALL SHITHEADS combined cant get a job to make livable pay.

    SHOVE the entire NBA and ESPN up Stephen A. Smith ______ IDIOTS.

  • We all know Phil is a Chicago Bulls at heart and New York Knicks were a rivalry doing the 90s…soooo you think he gives a fuck about the Knicks😂😂😂😂


  • Why do Americans think that if you're from Europe you're automatically a bust the kid was 16 and already training with the pros from strasbourg

  • Phill jackson needs to get the fuck out of new york hes destroying a franchise and will go down as one of the worst if not the worst gm in the history of nba

  • I agree with Steve a Smith man I really wanted Dennis Smith

  • I believe this is hurting Phil Jackson's legacy

  • Imagine if Dennis smith jr and porzingis played together


  • "The dude didn't look any bigger then Adam Silver, the commissioner of the National Basketball Association. He almost looked as SMALL as that DUDE!!!

    Ohh Steepheeeeeeen..

    Adam Silver's 6'4. The kid's already 6'4 at 18 years old no less. He's probably still growing. It's possible, maybe we have another Greek Freak. Greek Freak grew several inches since being drafted and is now, 6'11. (Drafted at 6'9, now 6'11) Or Paul George (Drafted 6'8 now 6'10) Maybe Frank the Tank grows 2 inches to 6'7. Did you want Malik Monk, like the rest of the world Stephen? Kid's already taller then Monk, an undersized tweener that can shoot lights out.

    But have to follow ESPN's whim and be a Knick hater so Max could act as the antithesis of it, and argue for it. Either way, you'll always be a Knick hater to me Steve. Try to find some good things in the Knicks every now and then..

    Also, saying this man signed Lamar Odom "Who was on craaack!!" doesn't count as valid criticism. It's demeaning and unprofessional.. It makes you look incompetent as a Sports analyst (the irony ) But then again, I forget we are dealing with ESPN.

    Finally had enough time to call SAS out on his BS. And this happens on a daily basis. The Man is the master of hyperbole. I'm a diehard Knick fan, don't believe a word he says when he talks about the team.

    There's A lot of reasons to be excited Stephen. Act as a voice of reason. Credit Jackson for his unwillingness to surrender first round draft picks which have yielded Porzingis (2015 No.4) and now Frank the Tank (2017 No.8) We have $20M in cap Space because of the Robin Lopez trade.. Jackson is not the perfect GM, and prob in the bottom half when compared to the rest of the league but he is far from the WORST GM in the NBA as you portray him to be on a daily basis.

    Separate your fandom from your reporting Stephen. I get criticizing Phil Jackson is the 'in' thing right now but you've become such a Knick hater. I don't believe you're a fan of the team.

    Knicks Fan (thumbs up if you agree!!)

  • fast-forward 2 years Ntilikina is the next Westbrook. ala Porzingis. I see what you doing there Stephen A.

  • Shut the fuck up. This kid has as high a ceiling as Dennis Smith jr. and no obvious weakness like Malik Monk who's undersized. Ntilikina is a modern point guard with great potential. Furthermore what's your problem with European players? They usually understand in what exceptional position they are, don't get involved into drug problems or having a bad attitude, one less thing to worry about. Stephen A. just calling out the draft pick because it was Phil Jackson who made it

  • So just because they aren't from america it means they are not good and never will be good?

  • phil Jackson is the new Kwame Brown 🙂

  • Hey Stephen A. Smith. The dude "looked as small as Adam Silver," because Adam Silver is 6'3. And THIS guy Ntilikina is 6'5. That tall enough for you?

  • This guy only knows about college players. He thinks his comments hold weight because of what school they went to. He has no business talking about any player until he sees them play. Probably would have passed on Lillard

  • wow phil pulling a toronto and drafting foreign players first round lmao

  • frank ntilikina fit with them

  • Retarded "journalists" who talk about a guy but never ever watch a single FIBA game and try to make you believe they know something about basketball.(and probably believe NCAA level is greater than euro basketball level, hahaha)

  • Stephen a smith is about to get his nigga moment lamr odom just sent a letter from his lawyers requesting something be done about stephen a smith either fired or suspended 😂😂😂😂 about time this buck dancing bastard get his… saying odom was on crack when he wasnt and speaking it about it as if its a joke when he nearly died thats it for him

  • let me just add. smith jr had knee problems in high school and monk seems like a player who is only focused on what his money can buy. frank is a proven gym rat who been to 2 straight finals. time will tell