Stephen A. Smith Picks Russell Westbrook For MVP | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith says he would give the MVP award to Russell Westbrook over James Harden because of Harden’s lack of performance in the postseason.

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  • Damn they still haven't announced the MVP yet! They going to wait til next season to announce it! Lol

  • This is the first time i agreed with Stephen A. Smith

  • That's the point it's not about the stats Russel Westbrook played amazing how could you not give it to him I think Westbrook was the most valuable player to the NBA

  • Westbrook is the best player in the world

  • Well, now harden is going to win MVP just because Stephen A. said Westbrook.

  • I sure hope SAS gets to go on his vacation sometime soon, he looked downright exhausted in this video! Glad he finally came to his senses, Westbrook for MVP!

  • Westbrook already won the SHAQTIN' A FOOL MVP, Harden should get this one.

  • Lebron is the world's best player and he took his team to the final How the hell is he not the MVP?

  • Wrestbrook is only about stats. That's why KD left him n he's but hurt lol

  • OKC had the 2 MVP's and the Finals MVP traded them niggas away for Kevin Martin LMAOOOOOOO! LOSERSS

  • Why hasn't the MVP been named yet? It should have been decided after the first round!!!

  • If I had to pick from any player today, it would be either Lebron or Durant first, then Leonard, Westbrook and Harden.

  • Is drake runnin it?

  • Stephen A Smith is the man, give the guy credit he knows the NBA like the back of his hand

  • Y'all hating on Russ for stat padding, and that his triple doubles were forced. If it's so easy, why doesn't everyone average a triple double?? #MVP

  • The trophy that NBA made and gave to Russell Westbrook for him breaking the triple double record shows you how soft NBA is. It's the equivalent to "everyone gets a ribbon" for participating. 😷

  • Sorry guys but Harden is the clear cut MVP. Even Westbrook would give his team 8 MORE wins rather then average 2 more assists. Also, the post season matters, in which Russ took the L.

  • I simply cannot understand how you can AVERAGE a TRIPLE DOUBLE over an entire season and yet people still debate who deserves it. WTF! There shouldn't even be a vote.

  • Stephen A looks tired as hell.


  • 2012 okc was a super team indeed

  • Westbrook is my favorite point guard but harden might get the MVP because there numbers are basically identical and he had more wins in the regular season

  • Russ should get the MVP he's more hard working then harden so russ for MVP

  • john wall mvp 2018

  • James Harden MVP don't believe the hype

  • there the mvp went to harden

  • The James Harden we love? His mom only loves him.

  • It is insane how little credit James Harden gets. Yeah Russel averaging a triple double is insane but Harden is just 1.5 rebounds off. James Harden carried that team to the #3 seed overall, while still improving his teammates. People like to say 'yeah Westbrook has a shitty team bla bla'. Don't tell me that Eric Gordon, Clint Capela and Trevor Ariza would have made the Playoffs without Harden. This guy brings value in personal accomplishments and improves everybody around him. I feel bad for the one that doesn't get MVP. They are both monsters, both deserve it #HARDENandRUSS4MVP

  • Well.. playoffs showed clearly who should win the MVP.

  • So D'antoni and teammates made Harden look good??? So what about Russ' 10 assists he got for almost the whole Season??? Without his teammates he wouldn't get triple doubles. Harden wins, then Russ, then Kawhi. Dont get me wrong tho Kawhi is my favorite player rn.


  • lol westbrook was stat stuffing all season if he wins this shit is rigged

  • Mvp for the thumbnail, haha westbrook cold af!

  • Rockets Fan Here but Russ deserves the award. It benefits Harden though because if he wins the award he won't have the same motivation and drive to be great as he would if westbrook wins the award

  • who gives a shit NBA is a set up just like all sports

  • 1:38 That motherfucker was on drugs, man. 😭😂

  • How does Westbrook win MVP? Look at the past. 2005/06 season Kobe averaged 35 5 5 but was a 7th seed. This was the year he dropped 81 points, and had a span where he went on a scoring tear every night dropping 40+ for a certain amount of time. His team was a 7 seed. Steve Nash averaged 19 points 10 assists, but his team was a 2 seed and he won MVP over Kobe. So how can Westbrook possibly win over Harden, when their stats are neck and neck, but Harden has a MUCH better seeding?

  • Kawhi Leonard… over both, EASY.

  • Harden>>29-11-8 – vs – Westbrook>>30-10-10….James Harden's team finished with the 3rd best record in the NBA and Westbrook's team finished 10th. Harden led the league in assists, Westbrook led the league in ppg but he also took like 30 shots a game because of his weak ass team. This award is going to depend on who the media liked the most.

  • MVP!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow Stephen a smith's on a roll. Picked the finals winner right for the first time in years, and guess the right MVP. Then again, anyone with basketball knowledge could've guessed that so question is why hasn't first take hired me?

  • NBA's already had the DRAFT for next season. They're still on this??? Just eliminate the MVP at this point