Stephen A. and Will Cain Have Verbal Battle Over Phil Jackson | First Take | June 28, 2017

Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain have a verbal battle over Phil Jackson leaving the New York Knicks and whether he did his job or not.

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  1. Will Cain is literally the physical form of every person who hates the fact that SAS is where he is at. Im not a big SAS fan, but this Cain guy sounds like a complete tool.

  2. Will Cain is saying get rid of Melo and Dolan… not wrong. we'll see how the Knicks do without phil. seeing that they wouldn't have porzingis without him… aye yall know the warriors run the triangle right? probably cause Kerr played for phil. aye yall know the triangle can't work with melo. hes a ball stopper. all of kobes ballhog plays come when the triangle breaks down. but its actually a backup plan. knicks finna die with melo and i will happily watch and laugh lol. hes denying a trade but is going to leave now that phil is gone. all he cared about was revenge on phil.

  3. ESPN for the love of God get RID of will cain! Like seriously. I know we used to say it all the time with Skiiiuuup but we didn't mean it; this time we do. That's like two years back when you guys had that dumbass who was talking about LeBrons grammar in a tweet. The fact I'm intentionally NOT capitalising this guys name shows much respect I have for will cain. cain puts the "anal" in analysis with how much he talks out of his ass holy shit.

  4. Passing on Malik Monk and Dennis Smith Jr. should have been a crime – investigated by the FBI, CIA, and President Trump. Federal crime – 25 years in prison. Arrest Phil "Zen" Jackson for treason to New Yorkers.

    – Call 911 and have him found!
    – Call your senators in NY and have him found!

    This is worse than Joe Dumars taking DARKO!

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