Steph Curry… I Mean Trae Young COLD BLOODED 43 Points & Damn Near Triple Double vs TCU!!

Trae Young keeps dominating college basketball and today it was with a 43 points, 11 rebound and 7 assist game against TCU.
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  1. franchises are all ready to build around Trae and hes legit a Jimmer type player. Jimmer was drafted in the wrong era, dude would have went #1 in this years draft no doubt

  2. Ik yโ€™all concerned bout his 9 turnovers but if u actually watched the entire games only 3-4 turnovers were bad mistakes he made the others were high percentage looks tht either got blown off by really good d or jus unlucky

  3. In order for him to really reach his true potential, you gotta have an nba team that is willing to go 100% chips in with him like the warriors did with curry!! That half assed shit wont allow us to truly see whether he has IT in the next level!!!

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