Stacey Tisdale Discusses Black Women, Feminism, & Empowerment

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  • Woah. Just started this video. Wonder why all the dislikes. Let's see what's up with this. I won't read any comments first. I don't remember this chick being wack the last time she was on here. I think she was the one talking about that money app the last time.

  • JRL

    "………….. Well thank you for joining us. We really apprecia… Oh go ahead……………. Well thank you so much. We really appreciate i…. Oh………. Well thank you so much. We really appreciate it….It's the Breakfast Club Good Morning."

  • black women quit the bullshit, your ignorant as hell. your only goal is to be white

  • who the hell is this manly looking jezebel?

  • Black "feminism"????
    meanwhile …..Asians still OWN 90% of Black women's Hair industry.
    The rap music industry is White owned, it's a reason 99.9% of the music is hate filled teaching blk children its "cool" to be a thoughtless drug head thug or a manly thot.
    house negros, field slaves and negro bedwenches are dangerous af, and as long as they exist it's a GUARANTEE blk ppl will NEVER be better.

  • I think people are drifting away from the real issue. Women, especially black women aren't earning the same as a white man. I think we should get rid of the white male superiority. As for Amber Rose, she can do whatever with her body and I think that what Amber Rose is talking about. We need to stop sexualizing women. In the past, even today women in different cultures are naked and their is no issue. Also a man can go naked and no one blinks an eye and say nothing. For example Justin Beiber naked butt on instagram

  • Wowwww these comments though….😐

  • she looks like Hov with a wig

  • Let me say this to black women don't get caught in this feminist trap because ladies you're black before you're a woman. And if you don't believe google Susan B. Anthony the mother of the feminist movement and see how she feels about black people.

  • 148 dislikes some people make me sick😒

  • I wish this was longer

  • This woman only spoke about the positive aspects of black feminist for the black community. This wasn't the Amber Rose version. Understand and make this distinction.

  • I see dat merican illuminati hat 👀

  • Before I start. I don't need any disrespectful comments. It's my opinion. I. am in no way shape or form with the whole feminist bs. However I've notice that you don't see alot of Black men or African American Men uplifting or respecting Black women so it's a two way street. When we see you respecting us, and having our backs then maybe you'll get the same treatment. I've seen more black men degrading and talking down to and about black women then any other culture. So think twice about what you say or how you treat black women before you go to chastise them for being or agreeing with the feminist movement instead of having your backs.

  • Yo who the f is the where's waldo negro sitting next to charla? Am I the only one who notices this shit? lmao

  • I love the fact she is smart,answering intelligently and actually doing something.Who cares if men don't agree with her views bc it didn't start as anti male,but to be protected.Her movement is to help black women.Women work and being able to financially and in the work place is great.Being strong and educated is better than welfare any day.Also,im hoping there are movement a to protect black women.Notice black men are always crying about what the white man or women did ,but don't help either.Where are the marches for domestic abuse bc of alcoholism and etc?Where is the concern for grandmothers and aunties that were shot and killed over retaliation from beef that men have in their own neighborhoods?😒When YouTube channels are spreading hate about black women and ignoring all the intelligent women ,working women,great moms and college graduates there needs to be women that raise and show their voice.And to blame feminism for the failure of the community is funny.When drugs came in the negotiation wasn't with the women or the kids.The "leaders" help give it to their own communities.

  • ANYBODY complaining about this video didn't watch it. She pretty much shitted on Amber Rose and said that what she does is NOT feminism and is more self-interested. Stacey defines feminism has doing what you need to do as a black women to achieve success and chart a path towards equality. She has my vote!

  • Feminism is just a branch of White Supremacy

  • mannnnnnnnn angela a hoe too.. quit the shits lol

  • It's funny – when Dr. Umar or someone like that comes on here pushing the "Black men need to be back in power and in control of our societies" rhetoric, people praise him and say he is empowering us, but when black women come on here and advocate for female equality, the are "trying to destroy the Black male". WE NEED BALANCE. THERE ARE TWO GENDERS, ONE SHOULD NOT CONTROL THE OTHER WE CANNOT SUCCEED AND BE EMPOWERED THAT WAY.

  • love when Stacy on the show

  • Black feminist 🤣

  • It's a Man's world.

  • I love hearing Stacey talk

  • Listen to the Interview.

  • Black Women Are Powerful All On Your Own. You Should Create Your Own
    Black Dark Women's Group, That's Honestly Pro Black Woman And Girl,
    Name It Properly. And Not Call Yourself Feminist, A Name White Females
    Came Up With.

  • I think this lady is just as confused as cthagod and envy she dont even kno how to explain what femenism is

  • And damn does everything have to be blamed on black men…we are literally the most hates people on earth

  • I want to support this woman i the idea just has no meaning …theyre still trying to find a definition

  • Race first .White women used black women for numbers that was all

  • How often does feminism come to the aid of black women? Almost never? Never? Only when they're a celebrity?

  • Feminists and black men are more alike than they think. Both groups use black women to support their agenda, but when it comes to addressing black women's issues and concerns they don't care. We need to have a movement just for us.

  • grateful

  • Wow these comments….Some Black men are so fucking fragile. And these brainwashed caping mammies are real. Patriarchy is powerful.

  • The hate for the Black woman is real! I can't believe people don't/won't understand the need for black feminism! The black woman birthed the world, yet she is hated by the world…that alone is enough for mobilization.

  • Look at this woman. Part of feminism is a Ugly Girl Argument, lol. Real talk, brothers walk away from black feminist. Since they wanna hook up with white people for a power grab against brothers, let them hold their own nuts.

  • The interview with Dr. Wesley Muhammad and his talk about "testosterone" and "the Black man" got nothing but praise, but god forbid we discuss feminism and the Black women. It's sad, but Black women, as a black gay man, I stand with and honor you.

  • we should promote families in the black community not more women working for the white men in corperate america…black feminists not matter how much you're going to try to redefine things you will always be under the thumb of white supremacy…unless we choose to build the black family

  • Black women have an absolute right to address the rights of women within the Black race.

    with that being said, this women is historically wrong in depicting where it originates from.

  • When I see a feminist, I just shake my head. When I see a black female feminist, I lose any hope for the Black race. Feminism sounds good to women who wants ZERO accountability, and who wants to rule over men, but in reality, FEMINISM is one big fat con. But hey,if your a strong and independent woman who needs feminism, I say GO for it, there are still plenty of females who do NOT need feminism and they are doing quite fine.

  • 12085312073

  • worse interview ever

  • god damn bedwench talking that white supremacist shit.

  • If you think women should be able to drive cars, vote, have bank accounts in their own name and work the same jobs men do… BOOM, your a feminist. Women have not had these rights for even 100 years. I love being independent. THANK YOU FEMINISM.

  • Poor lady I bet when she prepared for the show last night she didn't expect 10 mins to be about Amber Rose and her Punannie