Spice 1 Talks Getting Shot: I Felt Like it Would Happen at Some Point

Spice 1 sat down for an exclusive interview detailing a time when he was shot during an attempted robbery in the Bay area. He talks about Karma’s role in the shooting, deciding that he has done enough to deserve it. He discusses the Police finding the situation amusing and actually taking his jewelry and keeping to this day. Watch above.



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  1. Spice 1 got soo much love in California period not just the Bay Area artist like Speaker Knockerz (RIP) Spice 1 inspired alot of rappers in the game Bay Area Legend

  2. It is NOT illegal to have a bulletproof vest in California, you can even wear it in public they can be purchased online , love you spice but you're wrong on that one. The only way bulletproof vests are illegal for someone is if they're a felon, which is understandable.

  3. Welcome to the ghetto,Jealous got me strapped,187 proof,187 pure,Dirty bay, this dude put out a grip of dope classics,,grew up on spice 1,,oh and can't forget Gunplay…

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