Spice 1 Talks Getting Shot: I Felt Like it Would Happen at Some Point

Spice 1 sat down for an exclusive interview detailing a time when he was shot during an attempted robbery in the Bay area. He talks about Karma’s role in the shooting, deciding that he has done enough to deserve it. He discusses the Police finding the situation amusing and actually taking his jewelry and keeping to this day. Watch above.


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  • Spice always keeps it real and peep the catalog, certified Legend!

  • The first studio gangsta!

  • "out jacking" and random shooting" should not be a normal thing. And we wonder why cops and the public don't trust our culture.

    But I must say, I've been listening in to Spice1 since 1992

  • DJ Rusef

  • Never take it personal

  • gangster shit 🙁

  • You can't wear a vest because they want you to die. Smh


  • 💯

  • wait so he had a gun but aint get time?

  • "I was gonna hit em' with all 32 shots…shits expensive. But you know I'm a real nice dude." Lol…Spice 1 is way too real. OG respect.

  • Spice 1 got soo much love in California period not just the Bay Area artist like Speaker Knockerz (RIP) Spice 1 inspired alot of rappers in the game Bay Area Legend

  • Why they still holding on to this man jewelry? #FTP

  • East bay gangster

  • What happen to this nigga goin to New York to get Flex??

  • Please just post this full interview already, you are dripping this to us for how many years now? Fuck bro

  • …"some niggas die before they realize the name of the motherfuckin game is survival"…

  • spice one is easily the hardest nigga out of the bay and california in general

  • peace to my nine

  • that was a while ago.that was when they tried to take his Cadillac escalade.