Spice 1: 2Pac Got Into Beef with Gangster Disciples for Killing Kids

Spice 1 speaks about the evolution of gang culture from the 1990s to the present. He discusses how gangs, specifically within Los Angeles, operate differently today as they once did. According to Spice 1, this is due in large part to the multicultural makeup of Los Angeles. Meaning that the perception of gang culture in Los Angeles only involving Bloods and Crips doesn’t give the full scope. Spice 1 speaks about the Asian, and Latino gangs that are much apart of L.A.’s gang scene as the Bloods and Crips. He also went on to discuss an episode that occurred in Milwaukee where he and 2Pac found themselves in a confrontation with Gangster Disciplines. As Spice 1 tells it, 2Pac confronted some members of the Gangster Disciples after learning that they allowed an 8-year-old member, Robert “Yummy” Sandifer, to shoot and kill a 7-year-old Vice Lord and then murder him due to him potentially testifying against them. Spice 1 spoke about Pac’s anger regarding the situation and also advised gang members to avoid making decisions for those too young to understand the consequences of their actions.


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  • Hand on my gun cause they got me on the run….. #BayArea the Bigger Area 💯

    http://www.WontStopRecords.com ®

  • I love 2pac lol the more videos the better

  • another reason why 2pac was a special person. we miss you R.I.P 2pac

  • Spice 1 is a real one for keeping it 💯 on what type of person Tupac really was. I respect him. Salute to the Big Homie for this.

  • this nigga look like Domo genises

  • yeah thanks but u go shoot some kids fool what the hell

  • This was left out of the movie.

  • what he talkin about mexican mafia been there before bloods and crips..mexican mafia first gang ever

  • tell me 1 NY nigga that was more real than Pac. Tell me one NY niggq that wouldve stepped to those BD niggaz 4 that shit. Tell me on NY gansta that was as fearless as that at that young age. The same NY niggaz that talk on pac is the same niggaz that give Jay Z props. Jay with all that power never put his neck on the line for the black kids.

  • you forgot the russians in L.A. too

  • And Wack says Pac wasn't gangster smh

  • facts

  • Rip Tooka smh

  • K X

    The fuck happen to vlads accent lol, some some white Australian fuck

  • he was talking about when little yummy gat killed. he was BD and his own BD's killed him over heavy politics… he was 11yrs old. RIP YUMMY AKA ROBERT SANDEFER.

  • Spice 1 is a legend and still sick as fuck. Pac's ego was out of control. Dude converted to a gangster in his 20's and went off on all the GDs at his show like he was invincible. Meanwhile the victim was 7 and bangin' VL and he didn't give them shit. What a fuckin' idiot, he put his entire entourage and tour partners in heavy danger

  • Why does it look like Spice is in a prison or some shit?

  • Born and raised in N.Y and spice 1 is motherfuckin bangin!!!!

  • I feel Spice One on this but he has the story all wrong. it was about Yummy Sandifer, 11 years old, killing 15 year old Shavon Dean in chicago. me, being from Racine, Wisconsin, I know people who were actually there…. the GD'S we're offended that Tupac went off, not knowing who he was actually addressing. Yummy was a Black Disciple and Tupac riled up the crowd(with good intentions) but was aiming his tirade at the wrong people. I'm an avid Tupac fan but after hearing accounts from people who were actually there…he was tweakin that night.

  • Gd, vL , crip, blood, mafia, mobb, or whatever the fuck a mfa claim, dont mean shit to a real nigga.. because as soon as a mfa get jammed and get life, no mfa aint gon send you shit and probably gon try to fuck ya bitch or ya daughter if she of age.. if mfas got lil kids out here throwing up sets and bangin like its cool, then idgaf who you is you a bitch ass nigga, smh if the kids are our future , its over if they following hoe ass niggaz like that.. frfr

  • 1-8-7, dump the niggas up in ditches
    Fat nina for the player hatin bitches!

  • Yummy Sandifer….killed by his own gang. They used this kid and spit him out. Kid never had a chance.

  • Another part that should have been in the movie instead of fake ass moments with Jada

  • I remember this. PAC called them cowards. He and his crew had bats. PAC was the truth. He just choose the wrong set of people around him.

  • You gotta listen to Tupac phone call with monster kody he talks about that concet

  • Pac had his gangs mixed up…he basically blamed the GDs in Milwaukee for some shit the BDs in Chicago did and almost got killed for it. Just an example of how his big mouth got him into a lot of trouble but at the end of the day, he had good intentions…that's what made Pac a real nigga.

  • Let me get this straight Pac insights a riot to get across a point. Yep def pac. .