Spice 1: 2Pac Got Into Beef with Gangster Disciples for Killing Kids

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Spice 1 speaks about the evolution of gang culture from the 1990s to the present. He discusses how gangs, specifically within Los Angeles, operate differently today as they once did. According to Spice 1, this is due in large part to the multicultural makeup of Los Angeles. Meaning that the perception of gang culture in Los Angeles only involving Bloods and Crips doesn’t give the full scope. Spice 1 speaks about the Asian, and Latino gangs that are much apart of L.A.’s gang scene as the Bloods and Crips. He also went on to discuss an episode that occurred in Milwaukee where he and 2Pac found themselves in a confrontation with Gangster Disciplines. As Spice 1 tells it, 2Pac confronted some members of the Gangster Disciples after learning that they allowed an 8-year-old member, Robert “Yummy” Sandifer, to shoot and kill a 7-year-old Vice Lord and then murder him due to him potentially testifying against them. Spice 1 spoke about Pac’s anger regarding the situation and also advised gang members to avoid making decisions for those too young to understand the consequences of their actions.



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  1. God bless Spice one, for all the shit he's been through in life and still alive to tell the story and having the title of ORIGINAL GANGSTER. The hip-hop scene in Australia worshipped Spice one in the 90,s

  2. I met pac on some beef shit when I was a little as nigga say 12-13, my older cousin and his friend got into some altercation with a member of pacs entourage outside a concert, no names. My cousin and his guys went around the building with straps looking for (no names) I'm in the car scared as a mf , pac & a bunch a niggas walk up along the car signing autographs, I lean out & pac said I quote "Lil nigga, why u looking so down Fo" he gave me I swear $100 & said "if I'm eating my people eating" smiled and left. I never revealed to my cousin until like 5-6 years ago I seen him that night.

  3. I love you spice 1 but if you don't want your kids to be like you then maybe you shouldn't be rapping about the shit you rap about or livin that type of life dawg.

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