Small NBA Live 18 Title Update 1.08 Has Big Effects

NBA Live 18

EA Sports has released another NBA Live 18 update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Update 1.08 is definitely long over due. The excitement surrounding the latest patch comes from the fact that players can now edit NBA Live 18 rosters.

NBA Live 18 Title Update 1.08

The update is somewhat of a surprise to most NBA Live 18 users as it came right on the heels of another big title update.

Just this past week, EA Sports released NBA Live 18‘s update 1.07 bringing several important fixes and a few new gameplay options. 3-v-3 and 5-v-5 games have been added to the Live Run options. The latest update, however, gives NBA Live enthusiasts the ability to fully edit and customize their favorite NBA players’ ratings and measurements.

Changing it Up
NBA Live 18 Update 1.08
image taken from Twitter @NBALiveOfficial

Don’t like Kyrie’s 3-point rating? You can go change that rating to a number you find more suitable. While you’re at it, you’re welcome to modify his height, weight and change out any of his accessories you might not care for. For many fans of NBA Live 18, the fact that they couldn’t manually change ratings and attributes before  just didn’t sit well with them.


While a welcome addition, it’s hard to believe that NBA Live 18 didn’t feature editing tools at launch.

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