Should The Lakers Trade For Russell Westbrook? | First Take | June 27, 2017

First Take debates whether the Los Angeles Lakers should try to trade for 2017 NBA MVP and Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook.

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  • These niggaz is like Judas, just tryin to cause confusion knowning damn well ain't non of the shit they talkin bout gon happen…

  • He's not leaving bruh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Paid to make assumptions and keep people talkin…

  • westbrook might not be a teams first choice but I guess it's a start

  • when he goes to la. rip lonzos play time

  • they are basically getting another deangelo russell

  • Be patient, dammit!

  • lakers should play out season with current roster. wait until 2018 to add stars. the current laker roster can show out this year in order to attract stars. so lets see.

  • Lakers should not get him. Westbrook needs the ball to be effective. They drafted Lonzo and traded Dangelo away to put the ball in Lonzo's hands. It would be contradictory to their plan.

  • Lonzo ball will be a bust.

  • Magic himself

  • get paul george and russel westbrook and lebron in LA its fucking lit

  • Westbrook will never win a championship. He is too much of a ball hog. Even KD ditched him. He will destroy the development of Lonzo and Ingram to pad his stats and the best the Lakers will do is get bounced out of the 1st round.

  • Russ and pg13 to lakers

  • he ain't leaving Oklahoma lmao you dumb fukn monkeys

  • Jon Saly? haha my guy

  • too late now, dlo was the perfect core of a potential trade package for westbrook

  • Trade lonzo and lavar for Westbrook Magic. Do it.

  • KIT

    Everyone should just go to the Lakers… and just stop NBA, and give the lakers the ring every year…. WTF, just stop it with the rumors and speculations.. XD


  • I love Westbrook, but he should just stay in OKC. No way in hell the Lakers are going to give away Lonzo Ball, Magic told him straight up that he's expecting him to carry the team. He's the future.

  • I loved when Dr. Jerry Buss was owner of the Lakers, he brought us RINGZ and the city was jumping. Wish he was still alive, Lakers would be a contending team RIGHT NOW if he was alive.

  • Westbrook is going to the Warriors
    So he can be with Durant
    They would win like 5 championships
    In a row

  • who is this black guy talking nonsense. Good thing hes not the lakers GM because we would be fucked. He said we need showtime so we should trade all our talents for westbrook…

  • lakers wont win in 6.7 years

  • Fuck Will

  • How are they thinking about ANY check?!?!? They are getting paid 20m + a year for throwing a fucking ball…. gtfo.

  • westbrook isnt going anywhere

  • Dom 2k is waaaay better at these hypothetical questions.

  • hell nawl

  • paul george, westbrook, lonzo.

  • John Sally aka the idiot: says there's no income tax in lax… Speak properly or don't. Get this guy a another job

  • Wait till 2018 and sign Westbrook, LeBron, and Cousins. Starting 5: Ball, Westbrook, Ingram, LeBron, and Cousins. That's a team that could win a 7 game series against GSW, assuming they have a good bench too.

  • lakers dont need more pointguards, they need PF's and a center, also paul george if cavs dont get it.

  • Never..

  • I don't know this lavar ball fool lol, but everyone's making hype, all I have to say is, nba teams should learn their lesson from Kobe! Kobe became something big, if this lavar ball dude is going to be something big, don't trade. Keep him, this always happens in basketball and hockey, it's sad, look how good Kobe turned out to be

  • I've disagreed with john on all the topics lol

  • why do these people keep ravng on about 5% or 13% percent tax?? All of these guys already have more money than they would need in 10 lifetimes. This is really starting to piss me off. If you are a basketball star and you choose the worse team because there you get 200 million instead of 180 million, you are just a moron. there is no way to justify that.

  • stfu my boy aint leaving my team

  • mvp is leqving