Should Russell Westbrook Sign Extension With Thunder? | Pardon The Interruption | June 30, 2017

Michael Wilbon and Frank Isola discuss if Russell Westbrook should sign a contract extension to remain with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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  • If OKC… well… when OKC sign Blake Griffin. He's gonna stay

  • join the warriors bro. ITS EASY OVER THURR!!!!

  • did pg just go to okc or is fox sports bullshitting?

  • He's not re-signing. Period.

  • Stay with thunder and play with Paul George( Pacers traded Paul George to the thunder) 😍

  • Paul George should get him to sign, unless he leaves like Durant does next season.

  • Yes, PG plays for OKC now


  • I guess so he just got a buddy Paul George!!!


  • Westbrook I think he should Sign now he got Paul George soo

  • PG Thunder

  • they just got pg13 no shit he'll stay

  • Yes. Don't turn into KD and tarnish your loyalty

  • The last digit of your like is who you are:

    0.Dwight Howard
    1.Kevin Durant
    2.Brian Scalabrine
    3.Lavar Ball
    4.Kobe Bryant
    5.Russell Westbrook
    6.Anthony Bennett
    7.Kwame Brown
    8.Kawhi Leonard
    9.Robin Lopez

  • Now he iz since they got pg

  • Gordon Hayward should go to OKC!!! Westbrook-Hayward-Geroge I think thats a big 3, they can recruit a bench and big men. Thats a Conference Finals team to me

  • im not worried about Paul George couple years back after his injury he said he wants to follow kobe bryant footsteps thats why he joined the Olympic team at that time he has been planning this a long time to come home surrounded by young talented players with the right management and front office leadership so now is the right time for him to come home. see you in purple and gold 2018 PG 13

  • They should use that money to build up the team

  • absolutely!

  • Lol PG went to thunder, I'm joking but imagine if russel westbrook went like"Its your job now" and went to the lakers

  • Russ is staying! He don't give a damn about rings! All he gives a fuck about is regular season MVP's and individual stats!

  • We didn't trade James harden bruh who Manz is this

  • I really think Russell might leave okc. Like who does he have. PG13, Adams, and that is pretty much it. OKC will be waaay over the salary and would have to pay the luxury tax to sign big name players in 2018. I don't see Russ winning a ring in OKC. You can say it might take 3-5 years for Russ to win a ring with OKC but it's pretty much impossible due to the team's Cap situation.

  • naw. please cause Armageddon. you and pg leave next year to the Lakers. sonics draft pick getting MVPs for the wrong team.

  • OKC will always be a contender in the west. Shxt if they was in the east they'll be the number 2 seed. All im saying is trust the process


  • Fuck the rings. I'd go for the super max, then i can buy 10 Carat rings for all my 10 fingers.

  • Ya'll forgetting about me smh..

  • SMH. Just stay in OKC with PG

  • The money is good but Paul George isn't staying. So after next year Okc will be a worst team than this past year. Smh. Unless he just wants to play meaningless basketball he will be out but We'll see

  • I think the idea of cutting Steph's most lucrative contract ever reign short is very tempting to him

  • Lavar Ball needs to start to recruit Westbrook

  • get him up out of Okc. he should look at some options like San Antonio