Should Lonzo Ball Go No. 1 Before Markelle Fultz? | First Take | March 29, 2017

Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith weigh in on Lonzo Ball’s comments saying he is better than Markelle Fultz, and whether they would take him No. 1 in the draft.

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  • SAS hasn't even see Fultz play, he just talks out his ass

  • Knicks

  • what are the chances that the Lakers land #1 pick to pick Fultz? anyone?

  • i guess fultz's daddy shoulda been more vocal… like lavar

  • What a ridiculous question. Of course you should take Lonzo first. he's a winner.

  • Fultz is way more polished offensively and has alot of potential on D. His game will translate to the NBA while Ball will need to develop a better inside game plus I dont think his shooting form will work as well against NBA Defenders like it did at UCLA

  • Markelle Fultz played for a shit team, of course he will score high, they let him take more shots then anyone, throw lonzo on that team, they win 10+ games & lonzo will avg 20.5.10 min

  • Yes Lonzo = Number 1 pick

  • What I have noticed is that people who watch college ball love Fultz more than lonzo. But people who purely watch NBA like the flair and theatre that lonzos dad has been doing and the comparisons to magic has been too tantalizing for the NBA scouts. If you look at it , Fultz is a injury risk and not really a player who can.singlehandedly carry a franchise. Lonzo is not really a scoring guy and he needs a lot of decent talent around him which is why the Lakers are perfect.for him right now. I think Fultz would fit as a player for the Celtics or the even the sixers who are looking to bolster their roster around guys like embiid and Simmons once he gets in. Lonzo fits in laker nation or dare I say Phoenix or even Sacramento who is crying for that distributor leader with players like hield, cauley Stein , skal and so on

  • No lol

  • I agree that people are sleeping on Fultz even though he is considered one of the 3 top picks. His assist averages are just a bit less than Lonzo (1.7). I think Fultz is overall a better player (he also was in a much worse team than Lonzo, idk if we can say that affected assist numbers but putting it out there).

  • I'm one of those guys who thinks that the Celtics should trade their 2 no1 pick for a superstar like Jimmy Buckets who's prime coincides with IT4 or they go down the draft route and wait till the cavs get old

  • Lonzo is like rubio. Not no all star

  • lonzo ball gonna be a playmaker on 2k 18 and fultz is gonna be a shot creator

  • All news about the National Championship, along with will Lonzo Ball's father effect his draft stock?

  • It depends on the team that has the number one pick…..he'd be effective immediately if it were Philly or New York….if the lakers or magic were to get him then effective after all star break

  • yall acting like College ball is the same level as the NBA . SMFH

  • If you just wake the hell up and stop listening to fox and espn, they're gonna ride lonzo because he's in LA, he's and he's playing in LA. ESPN wants to start building in LA more. Markelle from a pure basketball perspective, is better. Lonzo can't go right and it makes sense but doesn't make sense, He's not good in the pick and roll, he's a better full court passer… but not in the half court(which matters more), all of Markelle's faults are just the problems young guards have in general. Too athletic for his own good at times, attacking too fast, turnovers, decision making. The only major issue fultz has is a somewhat slow release. Lonzo on the other hand, can't go right and pull up, can't pull up off right side screens, a big turnover machine in the pick and roll, and shoots bad shots because of his messed up release.

  • Fultz gonna run all over Ball !!!! If for no other reason then Fultz from that DMV and that's where monsters come from.

  • Lonzo will be a Laker yeah! Lavar Ball has to keep his mouth shut. nobody cares about players' parents!

  • I believe Lonzo Ball is correct in his comment. Last year Huskies were 19-15. Under Fultz leadership they went 9-22?!? UCLA last year waas 15-17, this year under Ball they went 31-5. Cmon man. No disrespect to Fultz, i think he is a great player.