Should Lakers Pass on Lonzo Ball? | First Take | May 18, 2017

Stephen A. Smith explains why Lonzo Ball belongs in Lakers purple and gold.

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  • I'm sure LaVar Ball doesn't care about people's opinions which we all know is a great quality for someone leading an enterprise.

    He's certainly an extrovert who loves attention but he doesn't know how to become likeable. Dare I say, he's falling into the Tom Green or Andy Dick category.

    Unfortunately the father's negative attention will influence the league's and the fans' perception of his son. I for one will gladly stop watching Laker games if LaVar Ball becomes a regular attendee who decides to steal the spotlight from the entire team.

  • they should. just to troll lavar.😂😂

  • some time steve just be fucking talking out his ass

  • what about is the kid worth #2 amongst others in this draft?

  • the lakers need to take Deaaron Fox over Lonzo Ball im not just saying that cuz im from Ky im saying it because Fox is gonna be greater than Lonzo!

  • imagine if they planned it out to get someone like Josh Jackson at 2, but the whole time they have a deal with lonzo to tell teams he's not playing for them and then they take him with the 28th pick instead 😂

  • He's not even close to Penny in terms of talent.

  • Eli

    I bet Fultz, Fox, and Smith Jr end up the best point guards from this draft.

  • YES

  • lavar looks like honeybooboo's mother

  • Is this man's family black? they look white

  • If Fultz is at No.2 then yes

  • Lonzo Ball is going to be a bust.

  • Lakers would be a fool if they don't take lonzo they need anything that can help that bum ass team


  • LaVar Ball is single handedly increasing the ratings and popularity of ESPN! ESPN if you are reading this comment, you need LaVar Ball, give this man his own show or at least make him a basketball analyst.

  • Why do sneakers have to be gender-specific? Gay men wear high heels, women wear boots and wingtips. Any athlete should be able to use whatever product works best for them.

  • lonzo ball will be a star

  • We dont need no extra shit or dramatics in LA….so lavar and lonzo are better suited for a better for a city that needs some action press

  • Fuck Max. Him and his herpes scar in the Corner of his mouth

  • Absolutely not, let's the Bucks, or whatever mediocore team have them. I just want to see his dad reaction seeing his son picked by other team. It'd be priceless.

  • talk dat shit stephen A

  • I may be a bit biased here, but the NBA is better off with both the Lakers and the Celtics having good teams.

  • That showtime is the reason why today's NBA sucks, not Magic's fault, just that Stern guy who took the occasion to shift from Bball to fake Bball wrestling style.

  • You guys realize that this exact things going to happen next year with LiAngelo too?

  • Shut the hell up old coon

  • Those 2 fools think most women go shop for their shoes in the male section. "Women have feet too" man only few women who play basketball would consider his shoes, that's not a market.

  • i want to see him go against Uncle Drew. I can only imagine 😂🤣 and Kyrie looking at him saying " YOU WANNA SWITCH SNEAKERS?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • How many men here own a pair of Jimmy Choo's?! 🙄…the majority of fans of basketball are men and so that's the market they will cater for initially. Everyone is getting their vaginas in a twist because some bimbo spoke out of turn on things she had no right speaking about.

  • What a joke

  • This nigga Max said "Women have feet too"😂😂

  • La fucker family comes with baggage.