Should He Charge His GF Rent? – Part 2

Do you think if a woman moves in with a guy she’s dating, she should pay rent?



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  1. I would like to believe before any two persons live together they will speak about living arrangement: mortgage/rent, housekeeping etc. Now do I think a woman should pay rent with a guy she is dating: Yes. Even if he has Warren Buffet money, she should at least be contributing towards some expense especially if she is working. So you telling me you (woman) are going to let a brother pay the mortgage, utilities and other expenses and you be there for good looks? What if it comes to the point that he has no money for date nights or is too tired from working maybe two jobs just to provide then you start complaining and issues build. (yep I think I went far with this)

  2. Why is everyone getting so stuck on the term "rent". I must have missed the difference between paying half of the bills and being charged rent. Either way you are paying for living there, as you should.

  3. Yes! No free loaders! That’s why this country has 50% divorce. If someone is allowed to move in you can not just evict them by throwing their clothes out. I can promise you the law will be on their side. If anyone moves in without being married they should have a written agreement with a discussion on expectations. Yes! Your arse pay me rent cause I would never be with a broke man anyways. Any guy I am with will be working thus his arse pays rent!

  4. Tamera always acts like she doesn't understand or never experienced something while simultaneously trying to toot her own horn. Just like when they talk about dating young and she says guys didn't want her because she was "wifey material" lol

  5. Im with Tam. Don't ask me to move in with you so that we can play house then expect me to pay rent. No. But if we have a conversation ahead of time and I agree to it , then yes we go fifty fifty. But don't trick me into the house to play house and then ask me to pay rent.

  6. For me personally, this isn't an issue with my husband because we don't see our income as something seperate but ours as a family. What we make, we use to pay rent/bills etc.. we just don't see it as "he pays rent with salary and I pay groceries with mine"… it's ours.

  7. It depends for married couples… there has to be something mapped out. For instance, when I had my kids, I stayed home and maintained everything while my ex worked. You both have to give. If one person is just freeloading, then he or she has got to go… Nothing is free except for the air we breath.

  8. I've been with my husband for almost 7 years. It'll be 7 years in November. Since we moved in together, I do whatever I can do to help him out. Cooking, cleaning, I do the dishes for him,mending the clothing, inform him when we run out of something, that kind of thing. There are many ways to earn your keep, besides paying bills and rent.

  9. Hey Tamera, I wonder if the sex you had before marriage would then be considered “new school” … ?
    Please get off your high horse and holier than thou attitude because hunni you are no one to talk.
    How are you going to claim you’re “old school” and people who move in before marriage are “playing house” when you had sex before marriage? Mind you, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that, BUT don’t sit there and judge others when you sweetie are “old school” when it’s convenient for you. Girl, BYE!

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